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Port: shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000 Ton/Tons per Month
Other Names: decolorant
Usage: Coating Auxiliary Agents,Leather Auxiliary Agents,Paper Chemicals,Plastic Auxiliary Agents,Textile Auxiliary Agents,Water Treatment Chemicals
Keywords: Waste Water Decoloring Agent
Place of Origin: Jiangsu China
Purity: 55%
Model Number: CCWD-01
CAS No.: 55295-05-8
Brand Name: CCchem
Function: Remove
Type: Adsorbent
Product name: Best quality Waste Water Decoloring Agent For Textile Sewage Treatment
Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent
MF: C3O3N3Cl3
Package: 1000kgs
Adsorbent Variety: Molecular Sieve
Packaging Detail: 25kg/plastic drum, 200kg/plastic drum,250kg/plastic drum and 1000IBC
Product Description

Product description

This product is specialized in the treatment of colored wastewater.

It is a cationic polymer compound with the function of decoloration, flocculation and COD removal and so on.

1) It is mainly used for decoloration of high chroma wastewater from dye factories.

It can be applied to wastewater treatment of reactive, acidic and disperse dyes and so on.

2) It can be used on the wastewater treatment of textile and printing,

and the industrial wastewater treatment of pigment, ink, papermaking and so on.

3) It can be used as reinforcing agent, sizing agent and charge neutralizer for papermaking.



1) Appearance: Light-color or colorless sticky liquid

2) Dynamic viscosity(20℃):3-5s

3) PH(30% water solution):3-5

4) Solid content: ≥50%


industrial waste water treatment


Application Method

1) Dilute the production with 10-40 times of water first, and then add them directly into the water.

After being mixed for several minutes, it can be sedimentation or flotation to become clean water.

2) The PH value of the wastewater can be adjusted to 8-9 to improve the effect.

3) When the coloration and COD are relatively high, it can be used with ploy aluminum chloride, but cannot mix.

This way can reduce the processing cost. Depends on the test and treatment process to choose add ploy aluminum chloride first or last.

 industrial waste water treatment



Direction for use of water decoloring agent

Step one: Test the type of sewage and PH, and adjust PH value of sewage between 6 -9.

Step two: Add decoloring agent according to sewage concentration and effluent requirments.

                  General dosage: high concentration wastewater, each ton adds 300-800 grams;

                  Biochemical wastewater, each ton adds 50-200 grams.

                  Fully stir after adding decoloring agent (or diluted solution of decoloring agent).

Step three: Add ploy aluminum chloride (PAC) solution according to sewage concentration.

                  Generally, the PAC dosage is 1-3 times of the BWD dosage (here measure is solid PAC).

                  After adding the PAC, stir fully and adjust the PH between 7- 8.

                  According to the type of sewage, choose the suitable one among anionic,

              cationic and nonionic ploy-aluminum chloride (PAM for short) and add thousandth of PAM solution.

                 Dosage of one ton: general sewage adds 1-5 grams (measure is solid PAM)

                                                       Special sewage adds 10-100 grams.

                 After adding PAM solution, stir fully and slowly to make PAM solution react with water fully.

               The stirring speed should not be too fast or it will break flocs easily.

Step four: After the reaction with water treatment agent, the sludge and water will separate.


Application case of decoloring agent in dyeing wastewater  

1.wastewater quality indexes

wastewater index







ammonia nitrogen(mg/L)


toatl phosphorus(mg/L)



2.agent and treatment process


agent and dilution method

1. Take an appropriate amount of 80ml wastewater.

2. Add 1ml (250ppm) water decoloring agent diluent and stir fully.

3. Add 1ml (625ppm)PAC diluent and stir fully.

4. Adjust PH value between 7-8 by adding alkali liquor (or hydrochloric acid) and stir fully.

5. Add 1-5ml (1-5ppm) PAM diluent and stir slowly and fully and static settlement.

Generally, the muddy water can be separated in  5-10 minutes





Water decoloring agent



Accurately weigh 1 gram of water decoloring agent, dilute it with tap water to 50 grams, and stir with glass rod for 2-5 minutes.





Accurately weigh 1 gram water decoloring agent, dilute it with tap water to 10 grams, and stir with glass rod for 2-5 minutes.




Accurately weigh 1 gram water decoloring agent, dilute it with tap water to 1000 grams, and stir with magnetic rotor for 30-50 minutes.




Wastewater index after treatment

1. after treatment ,the chroma is less than 50 to meet customer needs.

2. treated wastewater has no background color.













ammonia nitrogen(mg/L)


ammonia nitrogen(mg/L)



Case of decoloring agent in farming wastewater  

1. Farming wastewater(raw water)

Picture one is the direct treatment of aquaculture wastewater without biochemical treatment.

Treatment method: add 200-400ppm CCWD-01 decoloring agent for domestic sale and 300-600ppm PAC. Control PH value around 7,

and then add anionic polyacrylamide, the color will become into light yellow.

Picture two is the water which treatment with water decoloring agent. Then add 5000ppm CCWS-02 high efficient solid decoloring agent,

which can reduce the concentration of wastewater very well.  

2. Farming wastewater after biogas fermentation or biochemistry.

Picture three treatment methods: each ton of wastewater adds 600 grams CCWD-01 decoloring agent for domestic sale,

adds 650 grams PAC to adjust PH value around 7, and then adds nonionic polyacrylamide.

Picture four treatment methods: each ton of wastewater adds 160 grams CCWD-01 decoloring agent for domestic sale,

adds 200 grams PAC to adjust PH value around 7, and then adds nonionic polyacrylamide. Before treatment, the COD is 216mg/L,

after treatment, the COD is 116mg/L.

Experimental Report On Decolorization of Coking Wastewater

Analysis of Sample Wastewater

1. It is coking wastewater which is yellow.

2. Agent description for sample wastewater treatment:

    Analysis of pure sodium hydronxide(NaOH)15% water solution and analysis of pure hydrochloric acid(HCI31%) is configured

   into HCI10% aqueous solution,

which used to regulate the PH of wastewater.

The CCWD series decolorizing flocculant of our factory is configured with 2% aqueous solution,

CCWS series high efficient solid decolorizing agent is directly added into solid solution,

5% aqueous solution is applied to ploy-aluminum chloride (PAC031), and CCWS series polyacrylamide (PAM) is configured

into 1% aqueous solution.


List of agent used in this study:

laboratory agent


dilution times of agent

CCWD-01 decoloring agent for domestic sale


dilute into 2% aqueous solution

ploy-aluminum chloride


dilute into 5% aqueous solution



dilute into 1% aqueous solution


The selection process of wastewater treatment scheme for samples.

1) Take 80ml wastewater, adds 1ml CCWD-01 decoloring agent for domestic sale. Stir them and then add anionic PAM flocculent precipitate.

2) Take 80ml wastewater, adds 1ml CCWD-01 decoloring agent for domestic sale. After stirring, add 0.25mlPAC and stir again.

Add anionic PAM flocculent precipitate finally.

3) Take 80ml wastewater, adds 1.75ml CCWD-01 decoloring agent for domestic sale. After stirring, add 0.25mlPAC and stir again.

Add anionic PAM flocculent precipitate finally.

4) Take 80ml wastewater, adds2ml CCWD-01 decoloring agent for domestic sale. After stirring, add 0.5mlPAC and stir again.

Add anionic PAM flocculent precipitate finally.



industrial waste water treatment


Storage and Packaging:

1) It is non-flammable, non-explosive. It should be stored at room temperature and not exposed in the sun.

2) It is packed in plastic drum of 25kg, 200kg, 250kg and 1000kg in IBC packages.

 industrial waste water treatment

industrial waste water treatment




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Jiangsu ChengCheng chemical co., Ltd is located in Yixing city, Jiangsu province. Our company has introduced

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team.We specialize in the production of water treatment chemicals which are widely used in dyeing, coking,

breeding and other colored wastewater decolorization. At present, our company has become a large-scale

domestic manufacturer of professional decolorization and other water treatment products.After years of

development, our products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America,

European and so on. Our company always insists on the principle of "quality first, credit first", adhering to the

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industrial waste water treatment



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