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GalileoStarW trans oil pump electric fuel pump module assembly

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Brand Name: GalileoStar
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Usage: Oil
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
Theory: Rotary Pump
Fuel: electric
Model Number: WCB204
Structure: Gear Pump
Application: Vacuum
Pressure: Low Pressure
Power: 0.37~75kw204
Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 60X25X35 cm
Single gross weight: 35.0 KG
Galileo Star (Shenzhen) Import And Export Co., Ltd.
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Manufacturer, Trading Company
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GalileoStarW trans oil pump,electric fuel pump module assembly

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Brand introduction



Product Description





Note: If it is used for flammable and explosive materials such as gasoline, please be sure to install explosion-proof motor. Ordinary motors can only be used for diesel/kerosene.


[Micro gear oil pump WCB type] Product introduction:

WCB gear oil pump is a low pressure, miniature portable energy-saving oil pump, which is most suitable for the sale of unit oil drum shaft oil without power supply. It is also suitable for refinery, power plant, power station, substation (room) and oil depot to transport diesel. Lubricating oil, crude oil, heavy oil, etc., the conventional gear is a 45-gauge steel gear, and the copper gear can be used to transport low-flash liquid such as gasoline, and the stainless steel gear can transport alcohol. Stainless steel pump heads can be used in the food industry to transport beverages, milk, animal and vegetable oils, etc. The cast iron material can transport media with a maximum temperature of ≤60 °C, and stainless steel can transport media with a maximum temperature of ≤100 °C.
The gear pump is equipped with a recirculating device and can be directly equipped with a refueling gun for refueling equipment. The motor can be continuously operated during use.



[Micro gear oil pump WCB type] Performance parameters:




[Micro gear oil pump WCB type] Structural features:

WCB type micro gear oil pump mainly consists of gear, shaft, pump body and shaft end seal. The gears are heat treated to have a high hardness and strength and are mounted with the shaft in a replaceable bushing. Lubrication of all parts in the pump is automatically achieved using the output medium while the pump is operating.
 The pump has a well-designed oil drain and oil return groove, which is the smallest torque force that the gear can withstand during operation. Therefore, the bearing load is small, the wear is small, and the pump efficiency is high.
 The pump is equipped with a safety valve as overload protection. The full return pressure of the safety valve is 1.5 times the rated pressure of the pump. It can also be adjusted according to actual needs within the allowable discharge pressure range. However, note that this safety valve cannot be used for long-term work of the pressure reducing valve. It can be installed separately on the pipeline when needed.
 Seen from the overhanging end of the spindle to the pump, it rotates clockwise.


[Micro gear oil pump WCB type] Application range:

The WCB type micro gear oil pump can be used as a transmission booster pump in the oil transportation system; it can be used as a fuel pump for conveying, pressurizing and injecting in the fuel system; and can be used as a hydraulic pump for providing hydraulic power in the hydraulic transmission system; It can be used as a lubricating oil pump in all industrial fields.


[Micro gear oil pump WCB type] Product use:

The WCB micro gear oil pump can transport a neutral oil with a viscosity of 1-8 °E (for example, mineral oil such as motor oil, kerosene, diesel oil and various vegetable oils) from one container to another. It can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. Therefore, it is suitable for oil transportation in commercial, industrial, agricultural and other industries.
 Suitable for conveying lubricating oils or similar lubricants containing no solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature not higher than 80 ° C, viscosity 5×10-6~1.5×10-3 m2/s (5-1500 cSt) Other liquids.


[Micro gear oil pump WCB type] Features:

WCB type miniature gear oil pump is simple and compact. Easy to use and maintain,
The WCB micro gear oil pump has good self-priming ability, so it does not need to fill the liquid before each pump is turned on.
The lubrication of the WCB miniature gear oil pump is automatically achieved by the liquid delivered. Therefore, no additional lubricating fluid is required for daily work.
 The use of a flexible coupling to transmit power compensates for minor deviations caused by installation. When the pump is subjected to the inevitable hydraulic shock, it can play a better buffering role.


[Micro gear oil pump WCB type] Maintenance during work:

a. Note that the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge readings of the pump should be within the specifications specified by the pump.
b. When the pump has abnormal noise or excessive temperature rise during operation, stop pump check immediately.
c. Under normal circumstances, the safety valve should not be adjusted arbitrarily. If adjustment is needed, it should be calibrated with the instrument. Make the shutoff pressure of the safety valve the pump
d. 1.5-2 times the rated pressure.
Pump stop
a. Turn off the power.
b. Close the inlet and outlet piping valves.


[Micro gear oil pump WCB type] Check before work:

a. Whether the fasteners of the pump are secure.
b. Whether the rotation of the drive shaft is light and heavy.
c. Is the valve in and out of the pipe open?
d. Whether the direction of rotation of the pump meets the requirements.
e. Inject appropriate amount of media into the pump before initial use





[KCB/2CY Gear Pump] Product Description:

2CY, KCB gear type oil pump:
1. This pump is suitable for conveying various lubricated liquids. The temperature is not higher than 70 °C. If the temperature is 200 °C, contact with the unit can be used with high temperature resistant materials. The viscosity is 5×10-5~1.5. ×10-3m2/s.
2, the pump is not suitable for transporting corrosive, hard particles or fibers, highly volatile or low flash point liquids, such as gasoline, stupid and so on.

[KCB/2CY Gear Pump] Performance parameter:


[KCB/2CY gear oil pump] Features advantages:

1.2CY, KCB gear oil pump structure is simple and compact. Easy to use and maintain,
2.2CY, KCB gear type oil pump has good self-priming, no need to fill the liquid before each pump is opened.
The lubrication of 3.2CY, KCB gear type oil pump is automatically achieved by the liquid conveyed. Therefore, no additional lubricating fluid is required for daily work.
4. The use of a flexible coupling to transmit power compensates for minor deviations caused by installation. When the pump is subjected to the inevitable hydraulic shock, it can play a buffering role.


[KCB/2CY gear oil pump] working principle:

The 2CY and KCB gear-type oil pumps are equipped with a pair of slewing gears in the pump body. One active and one passive, relying on the mutual meshing of the two gears, the whole working cavity in the pump is divided into two separate parts. A is the suction chamber, and B is the discharge chamber. When the pump is running, the driving gear drives the driven gear to rotate. When the toothing is engaged to disengage, a partial vacuum is formed on the suction side (A), and the liquid is sucked. The sucked liquid fills the respective valleys of the gear and is brought to the discharge side (B). When the gear enters the mesh, the liquid is squeezed out to form a high-pressure liquid and discharged out of the pump through the discharge port of the pump.


[KCB/2CY gear oil pump] Structural features:

1.2CY, KCB gear type oil pump is a horizontal rotary pump, which mainly consists of pump body, gear, bearing seat, safety valve, bearing and sealing device.
2. The pump body and bearing housing are made of gray iron. The gears are made of high-quality carbon steel, and can also be made of copper or stainless steel according to the special needs of users.
3. The housing has a stuffing box chamber for axial sealing. 2CYl00/3, 2CYl20/3, 2CYl50/3, KCB-300-960 type pump adopts skeleton sealing device. The bearings are single row radial ball bearings. The KCB-18.3~83.3 pump is composed of three oil-resistant rubber rings and a retaining ring with a middle lining. The two nuts on the pressing cover are adjusted to adjust the degree of sealing. The bearing is made of copper-based powder oil bearing. In addition, this series of pumps can be filled with packing for flexibility, high temperature and low temperature, chemically stable and self-lubricating flexible graphite as a filler.
4. The pump is equipped with a safety valve. When the pump or the discharge pipe fails or the discharge valve is completely closed to generate high pressure and high pressure shock, the safety valve will automatically open, and some or all of the high pressure liquid will be removed and returned to the low pressure chamber. And the pipeline plays a safety role.
5. It is directly connected to the drive motor with a flexible coupling and mounted on a common cast iron chassis.


[KCB/2CY gear oil pump] main use:

1. KCB and 2CY series gear-type oil pumps are suitable for conveying various oils, such as heavy oil, diesel oil and lubricating oil. Copper gears can be used to transport low liquids such as gas oil and benzene. The unit also produces stainless steel gears. The pump delivers beverages and corrosive liquids.
2. KCB and 2CY series gear-type oil pumps are not suitable for hard particles or fibers. The applicable viscosity is 5*10 -5~1.5*103m2/s. The temperature is not high at 70 ° C. If you need to transport high temperature liquid, please use high temperature gear pump to transport liquid below 300 °C.


[KCB/2CY gear oil pump] Note for use:

1, installation
a. Before installation, check whether the pump is damaged during transportation, such as whether the motor is damp, whether the dust cover of the pump inlet and outlet is damaged, and the dirt enters the pump chamber.
b. Clean the inner wall of the pipe with clean water or steam before installing the pipe. When installing, avoid the weight of the pipeline to be borne by the pump, so as not to affect the accuracy and life of the pump.
c. The oil pump should be as close as possible to the oil pool; the joints of the pipelines must not leak or leak, otherwise there will be no liquid absorption.
d. In order to prevent dirt such as particle shields from entering the pump, a metal filter should be installed at the suction port with a filtration accuracy of 30 mesh/in and a filtration area that is more than three times larger than the cross-sectional area of the inlet pipe.
e. Import and export pipelines It is recommended to install a vacuum gauge and a pressure gauge to monitor the working condition of the pump.
f. When the oil pool is deep, the suction line is long or the medium viscosity is high and the vacuum is too high, the inlet pipe can be thickened first. The bottom valve should also be installed when the suction line is long.
2. Inspection before work
a. Whether the fasteners of the pump are secure.
b. Whether the rotation of the drive shaft is light and heavy.
c. Is the valve in and out of the pipe open?
d. Whether the direction of rotation of the pump meets the requirements.
e. Inject the appropriate amount of media into the pump before initial use.
3. Maintenance at work
a. Note that the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge readings of the pump should be within the specifications specified by the pump.
b. When the pump has abnormal noise or excessive temperature rise during operation, stop pump check immediately.
c. Under normal circumstances, the safety valve should not be adjusted arbitrarily. If adjustment is needed, it should be calibrated with the instrument. Make the shutoff pressure of the safety valve the pump
d. 1.5-2 times the rated pressure. 4, the pump stops
a. Turn off the power.
b. Close the inlet and outlet piping valves.



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ndeed at all For a State may continue to exist even if deprived of ballotboxes but iGalileoStarW trans oil pump,electric fuel pump module assembly is doomed if its citizens will not in time prepare themselves to defend it with their lives

The memories of the pressgang and the militia ballot are dim Both belong to a past which it is the custom to refer to with reprobation Both were inconsistent with equal comradeship between classes with justice dignity honour and the unity of the nation and on these grounds they are rightly condemned

But the pressgang and the militia ballot have been condemned and are still condemned upon other grounds which do not seem so firm Both have been condemned as contravening that great and laudable principle of British freedom which lays it down that those who like fighting or prefer it to other evilslike starvation and imprisonmentor who can be bribed or in some other way persuaded to fight should enjoy the monopoly of being butchered both abroad and at home And it has been further maintained by those who held these views that people who do not like fighting but choose rather to stay at home talking criticising enjoying 408 fine thrills of patriotism making money and sleeping under cover have some kind of divine right to go on enjoying that form of existence undisturbed Since the Wars of the Roses the latter class has usually been in a great majority in England Even during the Cromwellian Civil War the numbers of men capable of bearing arms who actually bore them was only a smallish fraction of the entire population

The moral ideals of any community like other things are apt to be settled by nGalileoStarW trans oil pump,electric fuel pump module assemblymbers With the extension of popular government and the increase of the electorate this tendency will assert itself more and more But providing the people are dealt with plainly and frankly without flattery or deceitlike men and not as if they were greedy childrenthe moral sense of a democracy will probably be sounder and stronger than that of any other form of State

Even in England however there have been lapses during which the people have not been so treated and the popular spirit has sunk owing to mean leadership into degradation During the whole of the industrial epoch the idea steadily gained in strength that those whose battles were fought for them by others approached more nearly to the type of the perfect citizen than those others who actually fought the battles that the protected were worthier than the protectors

According to this view the true meaning of freedom was exemption frGalileoStarW trans oil pump,electric fuel pump module assemblym personal service The whole duty of the virtuous citizen with regard to the defence of his country began and ended with paying a man With the disappearance of imminent and visible danger the reprobate qualities of the soldier became speedily a pain and a scandal 409 to godly men In time of peace he was apt to be sneered at and decried as an idler and a spendthrift who would not stand well in a moral comparison with those steady fellows who had remained at home working hard at their vocations and investing their savings


The soldier moreover according to Political Economy was occupied in a nonproductive trade and therefore it was contrary toGalileoStarW trans oil pump,electric fuel pump module assemblythe principles of that science to waste more money upon him than could be avoided Also it was prudent not to show too much gratitude to those who had done the fighting lest they should become presumptuous and formidable

This conception of the relations between the army and the civilian population has been specially marked at several periods in our historyafter the Cromwellian wars after the Marlborough wars after 1757 but during the half century which followed Waterloo it seemed to have established itself permanently as an article of our political creed

After 1815 there was an utter weariness of fighting following upon nearly a quarter of a century of war The heroism of Wellingtons armies was still tainted in the popular memory by the fact that the prisons had been openeGalileoStarW trans oil pump,electric fuel pump module assembly to find him recruits The industrial expansion and prodigious growth of material wealth absorbed mens minds Middleclass ideals middleclass prosperity middleclass irritation against a military caste which in spite of its comparative poverty continued with some success to assert its social superiority combined against the army in popular discussions The honest belief that wars were an anachronism and that the world was now 410 launched upon an interminable era of peace clothed the nakedness of class prejudice with some kind of philosophic raiment Soldiers were no longer needed why then should they continue to claim the lions share of honourable recognition

Up to August 1914 the chief difficulties in the way of army reformers were how to overcome the firmlyrooted ideas that preparations for war upon a great scale were not really necessary to security and that on those rare occasions when fighting might be necessary it should not be undertaken by the most virtuous class of citizens but by others whose lives had a lower value If the citizen paid it was enough and he claimed the right to grumble even at paying This was the old Liberal faith of the eighteenfifties and it remained the faith of the straitest Radical sect until German guns began to batter down the forts of Lige


But any one who remembers the state of public opinion between 1870 and 10 or who has read the political memoirs of that time will realise that a change has been very slowly and gradually stealing over public opinion ever since the end of that epoch In those earlier times the only danger which disturbed our national equanimity and that only very slightly was the approach of Russia towards the northwestern frontier of India The volunteer movement came to be regarded more and more by ordinary people in the light of a healthy and manly recreation rather than as a duty A lad would make his choice very much as if volunteering were on a par with rowing sailing hunting or polo It is probably no exaggeration to say that nine volunteers out of every ten who 411 enrolled themselves between 1870 and 10 never believed for a single moment that there was a chance of the country having need of their services Consequently except in the case of a few extreme enthusiasts it never appeared that there was anything unpatriotic in not joining the volunteers

One has only to compare this with the attitude which has prevailed since the Territorial Army came into existence to realise that there has been a stirring of the waters and that in certain quarters a change had taken place in the national mood With regard to the Territorials the attitude of those who joined of those who did not join of the politicians of the press of public opinion generally was markedly different from the old attitude It was significant that a man who did not join was often disposed to excuse and to justify his abstention The conditions of his calling or competing duties made it impossible for him or the lowness of his health or the highness of his principles in some way interfered There was a tendency now to explain what previously would never have called for any explanation

The causes of this change are not less obvious than its symptoms It is an interesting coincidence that Lord Kitchener had a good deal to do with it The destruction of the bloodthirsty tyranny of the Khalifa 18 and the rescue of a fertile province from waste misery and massacre caused many people to look with less disapproving eyes than formerly upon the profession of the soldier The long anxieties of the South African War and the levies of volunteers from all parts of the Empire who went out to take a share in it forced men to think not only more kindly of soldiers but also to think 412 of war itself no longer as an illusion but as a reality2

The events which happened during the last decadethe creation of the German Navythe attempt and failure of the British Government to abate the rivalry in armamentsthe naval panic and the hastily summoned Defence Conference in 1909the RussoJapanese warthe Agadir crisisthe two Balkan warsthe military competition between Germany and Franceall these combined to sharpen the consciousness of danger and to draw attention to the need for being prepared against it

These events which crowded the beginning of the twentieth century stirred and troubled public opinion in a manner which not only Mr Cobden who died in 1865 but almost equally Mr Gladstone who survived him by more than thirty years would have utterly refused to credit Both these statesmen had been convinced that the world was moving steadily towards a settled peace and that before another century had passed awaypossibly even in a single generationtheir dreams of general disarmament would be approaching fulfilment

And to a certain extent our own generation remains still affected by the same notions Amid the thunders of more than a thousand miles of battle we still find ourselves clinging tenaciously to the belief that the world has entered suddenly and unexpectedly upon an abnormal period which from 413 its very nature can only be of very brief duration This comforting conviction does not appear to rest upon solid grounds In the light of history it would not seem so certain that we have not passed out of an abnormal period into the normalif lamentablecondition when a nation in order to maintain its independence must be prepared at any moment to fight for its life

It would be profitless to pursue these speculations It is enough for our own generation that we now find ourselves in a situation of the gravest danger and that it depends upon the efforts which we as a nation put forth more than upon anything else whether the danger will pass away or settle down and become chronic


Although we failed to perceive or acknowledge the danger until some nine months ago it had been there for at least fifteen years probably for twice that number

German antagonism to England has been compounded of envy of our possessions contempt for our character and hatred of our good fortune What galled our rival more than anything else was the fact that we enjoyed our prosperity and held our vast Empire upon too easy terms The German people had made and were continuing to make sacrifices to maintain their position in the world while the British people in their view were making none And if we measure national sacrifices by personal service and not merely in money payments it is difficult to see what answer is to be given to this charge

It is clear that unless the result of this war be to 414 c Germany as completely as she herself hoped at the beginning of it to c France our own danger will remain unless Germanys chief grievance against us is meanwhile removed It is not a paradox but merely a statement of plain fact to say that Germanys chief grievance against ourselves was that we were not prepared to withstand her attack Her hatred which has caused and still causes us so much amazement was founded upon the surest of foundationsa want of respect The Germans despised a nation which refused to recognise that any obligation rested on its citizens to fit themselves by serious training for defence of their inheritance And they will continue to despise us when this war is over if we should still fail to recognise this obligation Despising us they will continue also to hate us the peace of the world will still be endangered and we shall not after all our sacrifices have reached the security at which we aimed


We may end this war without winning it and at the same time without being defeated And although it appears to be still believed by some persons that we can win in some sort of fashion without accepting the principle of national service even those who entertain this dangerous confidence will hardly dare to deny that after a war which ends without a crowning victory we shall have to accept conscription at once upon the signature of peace

For it should be remembered that we have other things to take into account besides the mood of Germany If we stave off defeat only with the assistance of alliesall of whom have long ago adopted universal military service in its most rigorous 415 formwe shall have to reckon with their appraisement of the value of our assistance If we are to judge by Germanys indomitable enterprise during the past two generations she is likely to recover from the effects of this war at least as rapidly as ourselves And when she has recovered will she not hunger again for our possessions as eagerly as before if she sees them still inadequately guarded And maybe when that time comes there may be some difficulty in finding allies For a Power which declines to recognise the obligation of equal sacrifices which refuses to make preparations in time of peace and which accordingly when war occurs is ever found unready is not the most eligible of comrades in arms

In a recent letter the Freiherr von Hexenkuumlchen refers in his sour way to some of the matters which have been discussed in this chapter The British People he ws appear to be mightily exercised just now about their own and their neighbours consciences about what they may or may not do with decency about whether or no football matches are right or racemeetings or plays musichall entertainments concerts the purchase of new clothes and the drinking of alcohol whether indeed any form of enjoyment or cheerfulness ought to be tolerated in present circumstances

But although you vex yourselves over these and
GalileoStarW trans oil pump,electric fuel pump module assembly