HACH StablCal Calibration Standard, 20 NTU, 500 ml bottle 2660149

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Payment Terms: T/T
Type: HACH Calibration bottle
Place of Origin: Switzerland
Brand Name: HACH
Model Number: 2660149
Measuring range: 0-14 PH
Power supply: AC220V DC24V
Application: Water Treatment Industry
Weight: 300g
Type: Industrial On-line PH Probe
Packaging Detail: carton

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HACH StablCal Calibration Standard, 20 NTU, 500 ml bottle  2660149


2659742StablCal Calibration Standard, < 0.1 NTU, 100 ml bottle
2659749StablCal Calibration Standard, < 0.1 NTU, 500 ml bottle
2659753StablCal Calibration Standard, < 0.1 NTU, 1000 ml bottle
2659842StablCal Calibration Standard, 1.0 NTU, 100 ml bottle
2659849StablCal Calibration Standard, 1.0 NTU, 500 ml bottle
2659853StablCal Calibration Standard, 1.0 NTU, 1000 ml bottle
2659942StablCal Calibration Standard, 10 NTU, 100 ml
2659949StablCal Calibration Standard, 10 NTU, 500 ml
2660142StablCal Calibration Standard, 20 NTU, 100 ml bottle
2660149StablCal Calibration Standard, 20 NTU, 500 ml bottle
2660153StablCal Calibration Standard, 20 NTU, 1000 ml bottle
2660242StablCal Calibration Standard, 100 NTU, 100 ml bottle
2660249StablCal Calibration Standard, 100 NTU, 500 ml bottle
2660442StablCal Calibration Standard, 200 NTU, 100 ml bottle
2660449StablCal Calibration Standard, 180 NTU, 500 ml bottle
2660542StablCal Calibration Standard, 800 NTU, 100 ml bottle
2660549StablCal Calibration Standard, 800 NTU, 500 ml bottle
2660642StablCal Calibration Standard, 1000 NTU, 100 ml bottle
2660649StablCal Calibration Standard, 1000 NTU, 500 ml bottle
2661825Chloride Removal Cartridge (CRC), pk/25
2662100StablCal Calibration Kit for Model "2100 N/N IS", 500 ml bottles
2662105StablCal Calibration Kit for Model "2100 N/N IS", Sealed Ampules
2662110StablCal Calibration Kit for Model "2100 N/N IS", 100 ml bottles
2662200Gas Washing Bottle, 1200 ml, pk/1
2662300Stopper for the Gas Washing Bottle, cat# 2662200
2664842Hexadecane Standard, 99%, 100 ml
2664934Stearic Acid, Lab Grade, 500 g
2665034Silica Gel, 100-200 mesh, 500 g
2665902Sample cell, 1" , Glass, 25 ml, pk/2
2665904Sample cell, 1" , Glass, 25 ml, pk/4
2665908Sample cell, 1" , Glass, 25 ml, pk/8
2667200Test Kit, Iron (Ferrous), Model IR-18C, 100 tests
2668000Ammonia Nitrogen Reagent Set, for 10 ml samples, 100 tests
2670500Groundwater Filter, High Capacity, GWV, 0.45 µm, pk/1
2670600Field Power Pack for Portable UV Lamps 26708 & 26710, pk/1
2670702Power Supply, 220 VAC, 50 Hz, for Portable UV Lamps 26708 & 26710, pk/1
2671000UV Lamp, Shortwave, 254 nm, Pencil type, 2.125" bulb, pk/1
2671846Total Nitrogen Persulfate Powder Pillows, pk/50
2671946Total Nitrogen Reagent A, Bisulfite Powder Pillows, pk/50
2672046Total Nitrogen Reagent B, Indicator Powder Pillows, pk/50
2672245Total Nitrogen Reagent Set, LR, T'’N'Tube, pk/50
2672629COD Standard Solution (NIST), 800 ± 40 mg/l as COD , 200 ml
2672700Septum vials, 40 ml, pk/72
2674400Mercury Cold Vapor Apparatus Set
2674500Test Kit, Silver, Model RapidSilver, 100 tests
2675069Rapid Silver Reagent Powder Pillows, pk/100
2676300Thermometer, compact, Non-Mercury type, -5 - 45°C, pk/1
2676400Thermometer, compact, Non-Mercury type, -10 - 110°C, pk/1
2676600Filter Paper, quantitative, Glass Fiber, Ø 47 mm circular plain, Pore Size 0.7 µm, pk/100
2676700Filter, Glass Fiber, extra thick, Ø 25 mm, 1 µm pore size, pk/100
2676800Dropper Bulb Pipet Filler, pk/12
2677800Cellulose nitrate membrane filter, Ø 13 mm, 8 µm pore size, pk/100
2677925AccuVac ampules (empty), for sample blanks, pk/25
2678500Silica ULR Rapid Liquid Reagent Set, 250 tests
2678600Phosphorus Rapid Liquid Reagent Set, 250 tests
2679700Replacement Reagent Set for DREL/2010 Complete Water Quality Laboratory
2683318Membrane, venting PTFE, pk/18
2683706Plug, Dropper, 20 mm, pk/6
2683806Cap, white, 20 mm, pk/6
2686832Sodium Thiosulfate Solution, 2.12 N, 100 ml
2686901SODIUM THIOSULFATE Stabilized Cartridges, 2.256 N
2687000Hypochlorite High Range Reagent Set, DT, ~ 100 tests
2687100Test Kit, Hypochlorite, Model CN-HRDT, 100 Tests
2687200Test Kit, Hypochlorite, Model CN-HR, 100 Tests
2689400CEL Water Conditioning Lab - Reagent Set
2689700Apperatus set for CEL/850 Basic Drinking Water
2689800Replacement Reagent Set for CEL/850 Basic Drinking Water Laboratory
2690000Replacement Reagent Set for CEL/820 Basic Wastewater Laboratory
2690200Replacement Reagent Set for CEL/890 Advanced Drinking Water Laboratory
2690400Replacement Reagent Set for CEL/890 Advanced Wastewater Laboratory
2690500Apperatus set for CEL Advanced portable Lab
2690600Replacement Reagent Set for CEL/890 Advanced Portable Laboratory
2690700Apperatus set for CEL/850 Environmental Water Quality
2690800Replacement Reagent Set for CEL/850 Environmental WaterQuality Laboratory
2690900Replacement Reagent Set for CEL/890 Professional WaterTreatment Laboratory
2691100MEL/850 Potable Water Laboratory Replacement Reagent Set, pk/1
2691200MEL/850 Potable Water Laboratory Replacement Apparatus Set
2691400Case - Advanced Portable Laboratory
2691600Apparatus Set, Aquaculture Lab Test
2691700Replacement Reagent Set for CEL/850 Aquaculture Laboratory
2692800Shat Assembly
2694400Humidity/Temperature Monitor, pk/1
2694500Dial Barometer, 4" dial, reads in hPa and mm, pk/1
2695753APA6000 - Hardness Reagent 2, Buffer Solution, 1000 ml
2695853APA6000 - Hardness Reagent 1, Indicator Solution (Calmagite), 1000 ml
2696253APA6000 - LR Hardness Standard, 0.0 mg/l, 1000 ml
2696353APA6000 - LR Hardness Standard, 5.0 mg/l, 1000 ml
2696553APA6000 - Alkalinity Reagent 1, Acid Solution, 1000 ml
2696653APA6000 - Alkalinity Reagent 2, Indicator Solution, 1000 ml
2696753APA6000 - Alkalinity Standard 1, Zero Standard, 1000 ml
2697053APA6000 - Alkalinity Acidic Cleaning Solution, 1000 ml
2697153APA6000 - Ammonia Reagent 1, ISA Solution, 1000 ml
2697453APA6000 - Nitrate, Cleaning solution, 1000 ml