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DT830B digital multimeter voltage resistance diode triode tester no battery

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Dimensions: 126*70*24mm
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Model Number: DT830B
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Product Description

DT830B digital multimeter voltage resistance diode triode tester no battery

Product model/name: DT-830B/multimeter


Dc voltage: 200mv-1000v [±(0.5%+2dgt)]

Ac voltage: 200-7500v [±(1.2%+10dgt)]

Dc current: 200ua-10a [±(1.0%+2dgt)]

The electrical resistance: 200 Ω - 2 m Ω "plus or minus 0.8% (DGT + 2)"

Diode: yes

Triode: yes

Power supply: 6F22 type 9V battery

Maximum display: 1999

Overall dimension: 126×70×24mm

Weight: 155 g

Standard accessories: meter pen, instruction manual, warranty cardP dear friends, please note that this product has no beeping function and its quality is reliable.

Please refer to the series of instructions for use.

Advantages and disadvantages of this dt-830b multimeter:

Advantages of dt-830b digital multimeter and disadvantages of dt-830b digital multimeter

1. High cost performance, small display screen with watch pen and battery;Accuracy is not high, the default display value of LCD is 0.00--0.02

2. wide range of plications, suitable for beginners, students, as well as the accuracy requirements are not high without anti-burning protection, with the wrong measurement gear may burn table

3.dt-830b multimeter is delicate and small, easy to carry without buzzer, all dt-830b in the market without buzzer.


1.An overview of theDT830 digital multimeter is a small digital multimeter with three - and - half liquid crystal display.It can measure ac, dc voltage and ac, dc current, resistance, c acitance, triode beta value, diode on voltage and short circuit connection, etc., by a rotating band switch to change the measuring function and range, a total of 30.The maximum display value of this multimeter is ±1999, which can automatically display "0" and polarity, and "1" or "-1" when overload, and "←" sign when battery voltage is too low, and buzzer for short circuit inspection.

2.Technical characteristics

1.Measuring rangeAc and dc voltage (ac frequency: 45Hz ~ 500Hz);

The range is 200mV, 2V, 20V and 1000, respectively. The dc accuracy is less than ± (0.8% +2 words of the reading) and the ac accuracy is ± (1% +5 words of the reading).Input impedance, dc gear for 10 m Ω, exchange files for 10 m Ω, 100 pf.The alternating and direct current flowsRange: 200ms, 2mA, 200mA and 10A, dc accuracy: ± (1.2% +2 words reading), ac accuracy: ± (2.0% +5 words reading), Max voltage load: 250mV (RMS).(3) resistance:Range: 200 Ω Ω, 2 k, 200 k Ω Ω, 20 m and 20 m Ω six gears.Accuracy is ± (2.0% of reading +3 words).In addition, diode conduction voltage:The measuring range is 0 ~ 1.5v, and the test current is 1mA± 0.5ma.5. Test the triode beta value:Test conditions: VCE = 2.8v, IB = 10 mua.6. Short circuit test:< 20 Ω + 10 Ω test circuit resistance.

2.Sampling time: T S = 0.4s.

3.Panel and operating instructions

1.displayThree - digit half - digital liquid crystal display

2.The power switchPress, then switch on the power supply, when not in use should be readily off.

3.C acitance measuring socketWhen measuring the c acitance, insert the c acitor pin into the socket.

4.Functional range switchSelect different measuring functions and ranges.

5.10A current jack (cannot measure greater than 10A current)When measuring ac and dc currents greater than 200mA and less than 10A, the red meter pen should be inserted into the 10A current jack.

6.Current jackWhen measuring ac and dc current less than 200mA, the red meter pen should be inserted into the current jack.

7.V/Ω jackWhen measuring ac and dc voltage, resistance, diode turn-on voltage and short circuit test, red pens and should be inserted into the V/Ω jack.

8.The grounding common end "COM" jack black meter pen is always inserted into this grounding jack.

9.Beta test socketInsert the collector, base and emitter of the triode under test into the "C", "B" and "E" sockets respectively, and pay attention to distinguish whether the triode is NPN or PNP.

4.Method of use

1.To preparePress the power switch, observe whether the liquid crystal display is normal, there is no battery lack of power sign, if there is to replace the battery first.

2.use(1) ac and dc current measurement according to the size of the measuring current to select propriate current measurement range and red pens and inserted into the hole, the measurement of dc, red pens and contact voltage high end, low black pens and contact voltage, at the end of the forward current from red pens and into the multimeter, flowed from black pens and again, when it comes to measuring the size of the current is not , with the largest scale to measure first, then decreases range for accurate measurement.

(2) measurement of ac and dc voltagesRed pens and insert "V/Ω" jack, select the propriate voltage measurement according to the size of the voltage range, circuit "to" black pens and contact side, red pens and contact circuit for measuring point.In particular, the digital multimeter measures the ac voltage at a very low frequency (45 ~ 500Hz), and the voltage amplitude of medium and high frequency signals should be measured by ac millivoltmeter.

(3) measurement of resistanceRed pens and insert "V/Ω" jack, select the propriate resistance measurement range according to the size of the resistance, red, black two pens and contact resistance on both ends respectively, observe the reading.In particular, when measuring the circuit resistance (resistance on the circuit board), the circuit power should be turned off first, so as not to cause reading jitter.It is forbidden to measure the current or voltage (especially the ac 220V voltage) with the resistance file, otherwise it is easy to damage the multimeter.In addition, the resistance can be used to judge the c acitance qualitatively.First, short circuit the c acitor poles (use a meter pen to contact the poles at the same time, so that the c acitor discharge), and then the multimeter two meters contact the two poles of the c acitor, observe the resistance reading displayed.If the resistance reading is small at the beginning (equivalent to short circuit), then the c acitor starts charging, the resistance reading increases gradually, and finally the resistance reading becomes "1" (equivalent to open circuit), then the c acitor is good.If the resistance reading displayed remains the same as before, the c acitor is damaged (open or short).Pay special attention to the size of the c acitance when measuring the propriate resistance range, such as 47 muon with 200k, 4.7 muon with 2M, and so on.

(4) diode conduction voltage detectionIn this gear, the red stylus is connected to the internal positive power supply of the multimeter, the black stylus is connected to the internal negative power supply of the multimeter.The connection between the two meter pens and the diode is shown in figure 1.If measured according to the connection method in FIG.

1 (a), the diode under test is in positive guide pass, and the multimeter displays the diode's positive guide pass voltage in mV.In general, a good silicon diode positive guide through voltage should be 500mV ~ 800mV, a good germanium diode positive guide through voltage should be 200mV ~ 300mV.If "000" is displayed, it means diode breakdown short circuit; if "1" is displayed, it means diode forward impassability.If the measurement is carried out according to the connection method in FIG.

1 (b), "1" should be displayed to indicate the diode reverse cut-off, and "000" or other values should be displayed to indicate the diode reverse breakdown.This file can also be used to judge the triode and pin identification.Measurement, a first pens and pick up on a recognition of the tube feet, other pens and they were sent to the other two pins, if such measure twice both conduction or are not conduction, and then exchange two pens and measurement, two are not conduction or conduction, and can determine the triode is good, and can determine the recognition of the pin is the transistor's base.If the red stylus is connected at the base, and the black stylus is connected at the other poles, then the transistor is of NPN type, on the contrary, it is of PNP type.At last, the positive guide voltage of two PN junctions is compared. The junction with the larger reading is be junction and the one with the smaller reading is BC junction. Thus, both collector and emitter are identified.

(5) triode value beta testFirstly, it is necessary to determine whether the audion to be tested is NPN type or PNP type, and then insert its pin into the corresponding test socket correctly, and turn the range switch to beta, that is, the value of beta can be directly read from the display screen. If "000" is displayed, then the audion is broken.

(6) short circuit detectionTurn the function, range switch to "?")) "position, test point of two meter pens respectively. If there is a short circuit, the buzzer will ring.Five.Matters needing attention

1.Pay attention to the correct selection of range and red pen socket.When you measure an unknown quantity, you should first make the range as large as possible, and then from large to small, until it is propriate to do so.If "1" is displayed, indicating an overcut, the range should be increased.

2.When not measuring, should turn off the power supply.

3.When changing the range, the meter pen should be disconnected from the measured point.

4.When measuring current, do not overload.

5.It is not allowed to measure voltage with resistance and current



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