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GalileoStarY Industrial vacuuming Carrying an industrial vacuum cleaner

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Galileo Star (Shenzhen) Import and Export Co., Ltd.

CN Manufacturer, Trading Company
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Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: GalileoStar
Model Number: CCQ128
Bag Or Bagless: Bagless
Power (W): 1200
Voltage (V): 220
Installation: Built-In / Central
Function: Wet And Dry
Product name: Wet and dry professional car cleaning semi-automatic vacuum cleaner
Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 35X35X80 cm
Single gross weight: 19 KG
Package Type: Carton or wooden box

GalileoStarY Industrial vacuuming,Carrying an industrial vacuum cleaner

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The railway station stood in the midst of an apparent solitude and froGalileoStarY Industrial vacuuming,Carrying an industrial vacuum cleaner its one long platform there was no sign of any human habitation A stranger looking around him in passing that way might well have wondered why a station should be found there at all nevertheless the board which figured prominently above the white palings suggested the near presence of three placesWellsby Meadhope and Simonstowerand a glance at a map of the county would have sufficed to show him that three villages of the names there indicated lay hidden amongst the surrounding woods one to the east and two to the west of the railway The line was a single one served by a train which made three outandhome journeys a day between the markettown of Oakborough and the village of Normanford stopping on its way at seven intermediate stations of which Wellsby was the penultimate one These wayside stations sometimes witnessed arrivals and departures but there were many occasions on which the train neither took up passengers nor set them downit was only a considerable traffic in agricultural produce the extra business of the weekly marketday and its connection with the main line that enabled the directors to keep the Oakborough and Normanford Branch open At each small station they maintained a staff consisting of a collector or stationmaster a bookingclerk and a porter but the duties of these officials were light and a good deal of spare time lay at their disposal and was chiefly used in cultivating patches of garden along the side of the line or in discussing the news of the neighbourhood

On a fine AprilGalileoStarY Industrial vacuuming,Carrying an industrial vacuum cleanerevening of the early eighties the staff of this particular station assembled on the platform at halfpast six oclock in readiness to receive the train8 which save on marketdays was composed of an engine two carriages and the guards van as it made its last down journey There were no passengers to go forward towards Normanford and the porter according to custom went out to the end of the platform as the train came into view and held up his arms as a signal to the driver that he need not stop unless he had reasons of his own for doing so To this signal the driver responded with two sharp shrieks of his whistle on hearing which the porter turned away put his hands in his pockets and slouched back along the platform

Somebody to set down anyway Mr Simmons said the bookingclerk with a look at the stationmaster I wonder who it isIve only booked one up ticket today James White it was and he came back by theGalileoStarY Industrial vacuuming,Carrying an industrial vacuum cleaner230 so it isnt him

The stationmaster made no reply feeling that another moment would answer the question definitely He walked forward as the train drew up and amidst the harsh grinding of its wheels threw a greeting to the enginedriver which he had already given four times that day and would give again as the train went back two hours later His eyes straying along the train caught sight of a hand fumbling at the handle of a thirdclass compartment and he hastened to open the door

Its you is it Mr Pepperdine he said I wondered who was getting outits not often that this train brings us a passenger

Two of us this time answered the man thus addressed as he quickly descGalileoStarY Industrial vacuuming,Carrying an industrial vacuum cleanernded nodding and smiling at the stationmaster and the bookingclerk two of us this time Mr Simmons Ah He drew a long breath of air as if the scent of the woods and fields did him good and then turned to the open door of the carriage within which stood a boy leisurely attiring himself in an overcoat Come my lad he said goodhumouredly the trainll be going onlets9 see now Mr Simmons theres a portmanteau a trunk and a box in the vanperhaps Jim therell see theyre got out

The porter hurried off to the van as he turned away the boy descended from the train put his gloved hands in the pockets of his overcoat and stared about him with a deliberate and critical expression His glance ran over the station the creeping plants on the stationmasters house the stationmaster and the bookingclerk hGalileoStarY Industrial vacuuming,Carrying an industrial vacuum cleaners companion meanwhile was staring hard at a patch of bright green beyond the fence and smiling with evident enjoyment

Ill see that the things are all right said the boy suddenly and strode off to the van The porter had already brought out a portmanteau and a trunk he and the guard were now struggling with a larger obstacle in the shape of a packingcase which taxed all their energies

Its a heavy un this is panted the guard You might be carrying all the treasure of the Bank of England in here young master

Books said the boy laconically They are heavy Be careful pleasedont let the box drop

There was a note in his voice which the men were quick to recognisethe note of command and of full expectancy that his word would rank as law He stood by anxious of eye and keenly observant while the men lowered the packingcase to the platform behind him stood Mr Pepperdine the stationmaster and the bookingclerk mildly interested

There said the guard We hant given her a single bump Might ha been the delicatest chiny the way we handled it

He wiped his brow with a triumphant wave of the hand The boy still regarding the case with grave speculative eyes put his hand in his pocket drew forth a shilling and with a barely perceptible glance at the guard dropped it in his hand The man stared smiled pocketed the gift and touched his cap He10 waved his green flag vigorously in another moment the train was rattling away into the shadow of the woods

Mr Pepperdine stepped up to the boys side and gazed at the packingcase

Itll never go in my trap lad he said scratching his chin Its too big and too heavy We must send a horse and cart for it in the morning

But where shall we leave it asked the boy with evident anxiety

Well put it in the warehouse young master said the porter Itll be all right there Ill see that no harm comes to it

The boy however demanded to see the warehouse and assured himself that it was watertight and would be locked up He issued strict mandates to the porter as to his safekeeping of the packingcase presented him also with a shilling and turned away unconcernedly as if the matter were now settled Mr Pepperdine took the porter in hand

Jim he said my traps at the Grange maybe you could put that trunk and portmanteau on a barrow and bring them down in a while No need to hurryI shall have a pipe with Mr Trippett before going on

All right sir answered the porter Ill bring em both down in an hour or so

Come on then lad said Mr Pepperdine nodding goodnight to the stationmaster and leading the way to the gate Eh but its good to be back where theres some fresh air Can you smell it boy

The boy threw up his face and sniffed the fragrance of the woods There had been April showers during the afternoon and the air was sweet and cool he drew it in with a relish that gratified the countryman at his side

Yes he answered I smell itits beautiful

Ah so it is said Mr Pepperdine as beautiful asaswell as anything Yes it is so my lad

The boy looked up and laughed and Mr Pepperdine11 laughed too He had no idea why he laughed but it pleased him to do so it pleased him too to hear the boy laugh But when the boys face grew grave again Mr Pepperdines countenance composed itself and became equally grave and somewhat solicitous He looked out of his eyecorners at the slim figure walking at his side and wondered what other folk would think of his companion A nice smartlooking boy said Mr Pepperdine to himself for the hundredth time nice gentlemanlike boy and a credit to anybody Mr Pepperdine felt proud to have such a boy in his company and prouder still to know that the boy was his nephew and ward

The boy thus speculated upon was a lad of twelve somewhat tall for his age of a slim wellknit figure a handsome face and a confidence of manner and bearing that seemed disproportionate to his years He walked with easy natural grace his movements were lithe and sinuous the turn of his head as he looked up at Mr Pepperdine or glanced at the overhanging trees in the lane was smart and alert it was easy to see that he was naturally quick in action and in perception His face which Mr Pepperdine had studied a good deal during the past week was of a type which is more often met with in Italy than in England The forehead was broad and high and crowned by a mass of thick blueblack hair that clustered and waved all over the head and curled into rings at the temples the brows were straight dark and full the nose and mouth delicately but strongly carved the chin square and firm obstinacy pride determination were all there and already stiffening into permanence But in this face so Italian so full of the promise of passion there were eyes of an essentially English type almost violet in colour gentle soft dreamy shaded by long black lashes and it was in them that Mr Pepperdine found the thing he sought for when he looked long and wistfully at his dead sisters son

Mr Pepperdines present scrutiny passed from the12 boys face to the boys clothes It was not often he said to himself that such a welldressed youngster was seen in those parts His nephew was clothed in black from head to foot his hat was surrounded by a mourningband a black tie fashioned into a smart knot and secured by an antique cameopin encircled his spotless mans collar every garment was shaped as if its wearer had been the most punctilious man about town his neat boots shone like mirrors The boy was a dandy in miniature and it filled Mr Pepperdine with a vast amusement to find him so He chuckled inwardly and was secretly proud of a youngster who as he had recently discovered could walk into a fashionable tailors and order exactly what he wanted with an evident determination to get it But Mr Pepperdine himself was a rustic dandy Because of the necessities of a recent occasion he was at that moment clad in sober blackhis SundayandStateOccasions suitbut at home he possessed many wonderful things in the way of ridingbreeches greatcoats ornamented with pearl buttons as big as saucers and sprigged waistcoats which were the despair of the young country bucks who were forced to admit that Simpson Pepperdine knew a thing or two about the fashion and was a man of style It was natural then Mr Pepperdine should be pleased to find his nephew a petitmatreit gratified an eye which was never at any time indisposed to regard the vanities of this world with complaisance

Mr Pepperdine striding along at the boys side presented the cheerful aspect of a healthy countryman He was a tall wellbuilt man rosy of face bright of eye a little on the wrong side of forty and rather predisposed to stoutness of figure but firm and solid in his tread and as yet destitute of a grey hair In his sable garments and his high hatbought a week before in Lon
GalileoStarY Industrial vacuuming,Carrying an industrial vacuum cleaner