GalileoStar2 l-sealer horizontal continuous band sealer machine

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Galileo Star (Shenzhen) Import And Export Co., Ltd.

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Type: Sealing Machine
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 year
After-sales Service Provided: Online support
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: GalileoStar
Voltage: 220V
Application: Food,Beverage,Commodity,Medical,Chemical,Machinery &amp; Hardware,Apparel,Textiles
Weight: 20kg
Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic
Packaging Material: Plastic
Packaging Type: Pouch
Driven Type: Electric
Dimension(L*W*H): 600*300*200mm
Applicable Industries: Hotels,Garment Shops,Building Material Shops,Manufacturing Plant,Machinery Repair Shops,Food &amp; Beverage Factory,Farms,Restaurant,Home Use,Retail,Food Shop,Printing Shops,Construction works&nbsp;,Energy &amp; Mining,Food &amp; Beverage Shops,Advertising Company
Product name: continuous band sealer
Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 60X30X20 cm
Single gross weight: 30 KG

GalileoStar2 l-sealer,horizontal continuous band sealer machine


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Welcome to consult
Ill tell you Daddy if youll promise not to make a lot of objections
GalileoStar2 l-sealer,horizontal continuous band sealer machine warn your secretary in advance that my mind is made up

I am going to spend the summer at the seaside with a Mrs Charles
Paterson and tutor her daughter who is to enter college in the autumn
I met her through the McBrides and she is a very charming woman
I am to give lessons in English and Latin to the younger daughter
too but I shall have a little time to myself and I shall be earning
fifty dollars a month Doesnt that impress you as a perfectly
exorbitant amount She offered it I should have blushed to ask
for more than twentyfive

I finish at Magnolia thats where she lives the first of September
and shall probably spend the remaining three weeks at Lock Willow
I should like to see the Semples again and all the friendly animals

How does my programme strike you Daddy
I am getting quite independent you see
You have put me on my feet and I think I can almost walk alone by now

Princeton commencement and our examinations exactly coincide
which is an awful blow Sallie and I did so want to get away in time
for it but of course that is utterly impossible

Goodbye Daddy Have a nice summer and come back in the autumn
rested and ready for another year of work Thats what you ought
to be writing to me I havent any idea what you do in the summer
or how you amuse yourself I cant visualize your surroundings
Do you play golf or hunt or ride horseback or just sit in the sun
and meditate

Anyway wGalileoStar2 l-sealer,horizontal continuous band sealer machineatever it is have a good time and dont forget Judy

10th June
Dear Daddy

This is the hardest letter I ever wrote but I have decided
what I must do and there isnt going to be any turning back
It is very sweet and generous and dear of you to wish to send me
to Europe this summerfor the moment I was intoxicated by the idea
but sober second thoughts said no It would be rather illogical of me
to refuse to take your money for college and then use it instead
just for amusement You mustnt get me used to too many luxuries
One doesnt miss what one has never had but its awfully hard
going without things after one has commenced thinking they are his
hers English language needs another pronoun by natural right
Living with Sallie and Julia is an awful strain on my stoical philosophy
They have both had things from the time they were babies
theyGalileoStar2 l-sealer,horizontal continuous band sealer machineaccept happiness as a matter of course The World they think
owes them everything they want Maybe the World doesin any case
it seems to acknowledge the debt and pay up But as for me
it owes me nothing and distinctly told me so in the beginning
I have no right to borrow on credit for there will come a time when the
World will repudiate my claim

I seem to be floundering in a sea of metaphorbut I hope you
grasp my meaning Anyway I have a very strong feeling that the
only honest thing for me to do is to teach this summer and begin
to support myself

Four days later

Id got just that much written whenwhat do you thinGalileoStar2 l-sealer,horizontal continuous band sealer machine happened
The maid arrived with Master Jervies card He is going abroad
too this summer not with Julia and her family but entirely by
himself I told him that you had invited me to go with a lady who is
chaperoning a party of girls He knows about you Daddy That is
he knows that my father and mother are dead and that a kind gentleman
is sending me to college I simply didnt have the courage to tell
him about the John Grier Home and all the rest He thinks that you
are my guardian and a perfectly legitimate old family friend
I have never told him that I didnt know youthat would seem
too queer

Anyway he insisted on my going to Europe He said that it
was a necessary part of my education and that I mustnt think
of refusing Also that he wouGalileoStar2 l-sealer,horizontal continuous band sealer machined be in Paris at the same time
and that we would run away from the chaperon occasionally
and have dinner together at nice funny foreign restaurants

Well Daddy it did appeal to me I almost weakened if he hadnt
been so dictatorial maybe I should have entirely weakened
I can be enticed step by step but I WONT be forced He said I
was a silly foolish irrational quixotic idiotic stubborn child
those are a few of his abusive adjectives the rest escape me
and that I didnt know what was good for me I ought to let older
people judge We almost quarrelledI am not sure but that we
entirely did

In any case I packed my trunk fast and came up here I thought
Id better see my bridges in flames behind me before I finished
writing to you They are entirely reduced to ashes now
Here I am at Cliff Top the name of Mrs Patersons cottage with my
trunk unpacked and Florence the little one already struggling
with first declension nouns And it bids fair to be a struggle
She is a most uncommonly spoiled child I shall have to teach
her first how to studyshe has never in her life concentrated
on anything more difficult than icecream soda water

We use a quiet corner of the cliffs for a schoolroomMrs Paterson wishes
me to keep them out of doorsand I will say that I find it difficult
to concentrate with the blue sea before me and ships asailing by
And when I think I might be on one sailing off to foreign lands
but I WONT let myself think of anything but Latin Grammar

The prepositions a or ab absque coram cum de e or ex
prae pro sine tenus in subter sub and super govern the ablative

So you see Daddy I am already plunged into work with my eyes
persistently set against temptation Dont be cross with me
please and dont think that I do not appreciate your kindness
for I doalwaysalways The only way I can ever repay you
is by turning out a Very Useful Citizen Are women citizens
I dont suppose they are Anyway a Very Useful Person And when you
look at me you can say I gave that Very Useful Person to the world

That sounds well doesnt it Daddy But I dont wish to mislead you
The feeling often comes over me that I am not at all remarkable
it is fun to plan a career but in all probability I shant turn
out a bit different from any other ordinary person I may end by
marrying an undertaker and being an inspiration to him in his work
Yours ever

19th August
Dear DaddyLongLegs

My window looks out on the loveliest landscapeoceanscape rather
nothing but water and rocks

The summer goes I spend the morning with Latin and English
and algebra and my two stupid girls I dont know how Marion is
ever going to get into college or stay in after she gets there
And as for Florence she is hopelessbut oh such a little beauty
I dont suppose it matters in the least whether they are stupid
or not so long as they are pretty One cant help thinking though
how their conversation will bore their husbands unless they
are fortunate enough to obtain stupid husbands I suppose thats
quite possible the world seems to be filled with stupid men
Ive met a number this summer

In the afternoon we take a walk on the cliffs or swim if the tide
is right I can swim in salt water with the utmost ease you see
my education is already being put to use

A letter comes from Mr Jervis Pendleton in Paris rather a short
concise letter Im not quite forgiven yet for refusing to follow
his advice However if he gets back in time he will see me
for a few days at Lock Willow before college opens and if I
am very nice and sweet and docile I shall I am led to infer
be received into favour again

Also a letter from Sallie She wants me to come to their camp
for two weeks in September Must I ask your permission or havent
I yet arrived at the place where I can do as I please Yes I am
sure I haveIm a Senior you know Having worked all summer
I feel like taking a little healthful recreation I want to see
the Adirondacks I want to see Sallie I want to see Sallies brother
hes going to teach me to canoeand we come to my chief motive
which is mean I want Master Jervie to arrive at Lock Willow and find
me not there

I MUST show him that he cant dictate to me No one can dictate
to me but you Daddyand you cant always Im off for the woods

CAMP MCBRIDE 6th September

Dear Daddy

Your letter didnt come in time I am pleased to say If you
wish your instructions to be obeyed you must have your secretary
transmit them in less than two weeks As you observe I am here
and have been for five days

The woods are fine and so is the camp and so is the weather
and so are the McBrides and so is the whole world Im very happy

Theres Jimmie calling for me to come canoeing Goodbyesorry to
have disobeyed but why are you so persistent about not wanting
me to play a little When Ive worked all the summer I deserve
two weeks You are awfully doginthemangerish

HoweverI love you still Daddy in spite of all your faults

3rd October
Dear DaddyLongLegs

Back at college and a Senioralso editor of the Monthly
It doesnt seem possible does it that so sophisticated a person
just four years ago was an inmate of the John Grier Home
We do arrive fast in America

What do you think of this A note from Master Jervie directed
to Lock Willow and forwarded here Hes sorry but he finds that
he cant get up there this autumn he has accepted an invitation
to go yachting with some friends Hopes Ive had a nice summer
and am enjoying the country

And he knew all the time that I was with the McBrides for Julia
told him so You men ought to leave intrigue to women you havent
a light enough touch

Julia has a trunkful of the most ravishing new clothesan evening
gown of rainbow Liberty crepe that would be fitting raiment for the
angels in Paradise And I thought that my own clothes this year
were unprecedentedly is there such a word beautiful I copied
Mrs Patersons wardrobe with the aid of a cheap dressmaker
and though the gowns didnt turn out quite twins of the originals
I was entirely happy until Julia unpacked But nowI live to see Paris

Dear Daddy arent you glad youre not a girl I suppose you think
that the fuss we make over clothes is too absolutely silly It is
No doubt about it But its entirely your fault

Did you ever hear about the learned Herr Professor who regarded
unnecessary adornment with contempt and favoured sensible
utilitarian clothes for women His wife who was an obliging
creature adopted dress reform And what do you think he did
He eloped with a chorus girl
Yours ever

PS The chambermaid in our corridor wears blue checked gingham aprons
I am going to get her some brown ones instead and sink the blue
ones in the bottom of the lake I have a reminiscent chill every
time I look at them

17th November
Dear DaddyLongLegs

Such a blight has fallen over my literary career I dont know
whether to tell you or not but I would like some sympathy
silent sympathy please dont reopen the wound by referring to it
in your next letter

Ive been writing a book all last winter in the evenings and all
the summer when I wasnt teaching Latin to my two stupid children
I just finished it before college opened and sent it to a publisher
He kept it two months and I was certain he was going to take it
but yesterday morning an express parcel came thirty cents due
and there it was back again with a letter from the publisher a very nice
fatherly letterbut frank He said he saw from the address that I
was still at college and if I would accept some advice he would
suggest that I put all of my energy into my lessons and wait until I
graduated before beginning to write He enclosed his readers opinion
Here it is

Plot highly improbable Characterization exaggerated
Conversation unnatural A good deal of humour but not always
in the best of taste Tell her to keep on trying and in time
she may produce a real book

Not on the whole flattering is it Daddy And I thought I was
making a notable addition to American literature I did truly
I was planning to surprise you by writing a great novel before
I graduated I collected the material for it while I was at
Julias last Christmas But I dare say the editor is right
Probably two weeks was not enough in which to observe the manners
and customs of a great city

I took it walking with me yesterday afternoon and when I came
to the gas house I went in and asked the engineer if I might borrow
his furnace He politely opened the door and with my own hands
I chucked it in I felt as though I had cremated my only child

I went to bed last night utterly dejected I thought I was never
going to amount to anything and that you had thrown away your
money for nothing But what do you think I woke up this morning
with a beautiful new plot in my head and Ive been going about
all day planning my characters just as happy as I could be
No one can ever accuse me of being a pessimis
GalileoStar2 l-sealer,horizontal continuous band sealer machine