GalileoStar3 weighing and filling machine bearing grease filling machine

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Galileo Star (Shenzhen) Import and Export Co., Ltd.

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Type: Filling Machine
Applicable Industries: Hotels,Garment Shops,Building Material Shops,Manufacturing Plant,Machinery Repair Shops,Food &amp; Beverage Factory,Farms,Restaurant,Home Use,Retail,Food Shop,Printing Shops,Construction works&nbsp;,Energy &amp; Mining,Food &amp; Beverage Shops,Advertising Company
Condition: New
Application: Food,Beverage,Commodity,Medical,Chemical,Machinery &amp; Hardware,Apparel,Textiles
Packaging Type: Cans,Bottles,Barrel,Stand-up Pouch,Bags,Pouch
Packaging Material: Plastic,Paper,Metal,Glass,Wood
Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic
Driven Type: Pneumatic
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
Brand Name: GalileoStar
Dimension(L*W*H): Different size
Weight: 20~150
After-sales Service Provided: Online support,Video technical support,Free spare parts
Warranty: 1 Year
Product name: filling machine
Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 90X35X20 cm
Single gross weight: 30 KG

GalileoStar3 weighing and filling machine,bearing grease filling machine


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Welcome to consult
ty fair prophecy I should think

Hes just like a kid himself sighed Janey
YesI think hes getting soft in that way At any rate hes taken an uncommon fancy to kids By the bye that girl he rescued at Grinstead station Strifes girl has come home for Christmas I saw her out with her father this morning and shed got her hair up and looked years older I expect shell be getting married soon Her people will see that she settles down earlythey dont want two like her sister

What was that cried Janey


I thought I heard some one in the room

Theres nobodylook quite empty except for you and me Youre getting nervy old girl

Perhaps I am

He stood up and looked at her closely andPg 149 rather anxiously Then he put his arms round her

Youre not well sisIve noticed it for a long time I saytheres nothing the matter is there Youd tell us if there was wouldnt you

Of course theres nothing she whispered as his rough hand stroked her hair He held her to him very tenderly he was always gentler and less exacting with her than Nigel Yet somehow when she was unhappy it was Nigel she wanted to cling to whose strong arms she liked to feel round her whose suffering face she wanted close to hers She wanted Nigel now

But Nigel had gone out

He walked heavily his arms folded over his chest his head hanging

So she was backand she was grown upand she would soon be married

These three contingencies had never struck him before She had gone so inevitably out of his life that he had never troubled to conGalileoStar3 weighing and filling machine,bearing grease filling machineider her return to Shovelstrode She had stood so inevitably for adolescence unformed and free that he had never thought of her growing up And as for marriage it had seemed a thing alien and incongruous her girlhood had been virgin to his timidest desire

But she was grown up She was ready for marriage and most likely would soon be married He realised that to some other man would be given probably readily enough what he had not dared even think about A shudder passed through him but the next minute he flung up his head almost triumphantly He had had from Tony what shePg 150 would never give to anotherhe had had her free thoughtless comradeship and she would never give it again She was grown up now and unconsciously she would realise her womanhood put up little barriers put on little airs Hehe alonewould have the memory of her heedless girlhood innocently displayedhe had what no other man had had or GalileoStar3 weighing and filling machine,bearing grease filling machineould have ever

Christmas came a moist day warm and rather hazy Janey had decorated Sparrow Hall with holly and evergreens and had even compounded an ominouslooking plumpudding She was desperately anxious that their first Christmas together for four years should be a successshe even ventured to hint the same to Nigel

Why he drawled do we keep Christmas Is it because Christ was born in a manger

Of course nothow queerly you talk

Because that was why we kept it in prison

But we arent in prison here

Arent wearent we Janeywould there be any good keeping Christmas if we werent

She laughed uneasily

Nigel youre balmy Come along GalileoStar3 weighing and filling machine,bearing grease filling machinend help me make mincepies Its all youre good for

In spite of her fears Christmas morning passed happily enough and though the dinner was culinarily a failure socially it was a huge success The pudding having triumphantly defeated the onslaughts of knives forks and teeth was accorded a heros death in the kitchen fire to the accompaniment of the Dead March on Nigels fiddle andPg 151 various ritual acts extemporised by Len from memories both military and ecclesiastical He was preparing a ceremonial funeral for the mincepies when he and Janey suddenly realised that Nigel had left the room

Now where the devil has he gone

Janey sighed

Some silly game of his I hope hell be back soon

Not hehes probably off for the day to fiddle to those blasted kids ifGalileoStar3 weighing and filling machine,bearing grease filling machinetheyre not too full of plumpudding to dance By Christopher Janeyhes mad

The dark was gathering stealthilycrawling up from the Kent country in the east burying the wet winter meadows of Surrey and Sussex in damp and dusk and fogs In the west a crimson furnace smouldered showing up a black outline of hills Moisture was everywherethe roads gleamed with mud the banks were sticky with damp tangled grass and drops quivered and glistened on the bare twigs of the hedges

A great sense of disheartenment was everywhere It was Christmas day and hundreds of hearths were brightbut outside away from humanity and its cheerful dreams all Nature mourned in the curse of the winter solstice drowned in the waterflood Furlonger had left his hearth with its cheery flames and loved faces and warm sweet dreams of goodwill and was out alone with Nature who had no warmth nor lovePg 152 nor makebelieve only wet winds and winter desolation

He came to Dormans Land The blinds were down and through the chinks he saw the leap and spurt of firelight He stood where three roads met and the wind swept up from Lingfield where the first stars had hung their lanterns He began to playa dreary springless tune that struck cold into the hearts of the few it reached through their closed windows He played the song of Christmas as Nature keeps itthe festival of lifes drowning and despair

No children came to dance They were happy beside their parents with sweets and crackers and fun They were keeping Christmas as man keeps it and drew down the blinds on Nature keeping it outside and the lone fiddler who felt it more congenial to keep it with Nature than to keep it with men

Nigel stopped playing and looked around him into the gloom He felt disappointed because the children had not come to dance He had broken away from his brother and sister because he wanted those dancing children so badlyand they had not come Perhaps he had better go further up into the village since the children were not playing in the street as usual but in their homes

So he went up and stood between the church and the Royal Oak The place seemed desertedonly a great empty car stood outside the inn Nigel began to play but again there was no response The darkness came fluttering towardsPg 153 him from the back streets of the village and seemed to creep right into his heart

Then suddenly it struck him that he played too doleful a tune for the children They liked lively airsthey found it hard to dance to those bizarre mournful extempores of his So he started O Caro Nome and when that had jigged and rippled to an end he played airs from Flotows Martha and then his old favourite I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls

The street was still empty From a cottage close by came the wheeze of a harmonium He stood drearily snapping the strings with his fingers Then suddenly he realised how ridiculous he wasplaying in the village street in the damp and the cold and the dark when he ought to be at home eating and drinking and singing and joking because Christ was born in a manger

He turned awayhe was a fool Why did he like seeing children dancewhy did it hurt him so that they were better employed today He did not know His life his emotions his heart were like the twilight a dark and cheerless mystery He could not understand half what he felt in his own breast He was himself only a child dancing in the dusk to an unknown fiddler playing a halfcomprehended tune

The next moment he heard the inn door open behind him and turning round saw a short broad figure on the doorstep wrapped in an enormous motorcoat

Will you not play something else

The words came heavily with a teutonic lumberPg 154 Nigel saw a round florid face and dark very closecropped hair

He hesitatedperhaps the stranger was making game of him

I have been listening to you for some time and now I have come to see you I am surprised I do not think you are a beggar

Not quite said Nigel

Well play some more

Again Furlonger hesitated Then he hoisted his fiddle to his shoulder with a short rather grating laugh

He played the Requiem from Il Trovatore

There was silence The darkness seemed to pass in waves over the sky each wave engulfing it deeper The wind sobbed a strange little tune in the eaves of the inn

You have tortured my ears said the stranger Nigel flushed angrilyso after all the idea had been to make game of himwith your damned Verdi

How do you mean

You are too good to play Verdi


What are your favourite composers


Ai Ai Ach and the stranger put his hands over his ears

Nigel was beginning to be faintly amused

Well whats the matter with em

The matterthey are dead

Thatll be the matter with us all sooner or later

Pg 155

Let us hope it will be sooner for some of us

Nigel looked into the strangers face and again experienced a slight shock of surprise The eyes in the midst of its florid circumference were haunted with despair griefstricken and appealing He suddenly realised that it was not normal for a man to spend Christmas day in lonely petrol prowlings

Play some more

I can only play Verdi and Balfe and those others

Well Ill try to endure it

Look here said Furlonger whats your game Why should you want me to play when you hate my music

I hate your music but I like your playing You are a wonderful player

Oh rats and Nigel felt angry he did not know why

I repeatyou are a wonderful player Who taught you

Carl Hauptmann

Hauptmannhe was a pupil of mine

Then youre Eitel von Gleichroeder

I am

Nigel looked interested Memories of his life in London revivedmusic lessons concerts musical jargon a lost world in which he had once lived but had now almost forgotten He seemed to hear Hauptmanns strange coughing laugh as he chid his pupil for what von Gleichroeder had just chidden him nowhis abominable taste You are hobeless hobelessyou and your Balfe andPg 156 your Bellini and your odder vons Von Gleichroeder he knew would take an even more serious view of the case as he had a reputation for ultramodernism in music Hauptmanns contempt for Balfe and Bellini he carried on to Verdi and Gounod even Tschaikowsky while though he was obliged to grant Beethoven supremacy with a grudge he passed over his works in favour of those of Scriabin dIndy Debussy and Strauss

Well well said the musician play Zampa play Lucia di Lammermoor play La Somnambulaany abomination you pleasebut play

Nigel with rather an evil grin played Zampa

Why do you like those things

Because they are pretty tunes

Achand why do you like pretty tunes

Nigel stared at him full of hostility then his manner changed

Because they remind me ofof things I used to feel

He realised dimly that there was a subtle freemasonry between him and this man In a way it drew them together in a way it held them apart

What you used to feel So that is better Its your heart they tickle not your ears

Furlonger nodded

Do you play for your living

NoI am a farmer

Then what are you doing here

I play for children to dance

Von Gleichroeder looked round and shrugged his shoulders He did not seem particularly surprised

Pg 157

Would you not like to play for grownup children to dance For fashionable society to crowd to hear you and gather round you like children round a barrelorgan

Fashionable society wont waste much of its time on me Ive been in prison three years for bogus company promoting

So But that is good Without that attraction you could fill the Bechstein but with it you can fill the Albert Hall


Not at all My dear young man I see a glorious future ahead of you if you will only trouble to secure it Come to London and study music

Please dont talk nonsense

It is not nonsense You are wonderfully gifted I dont say you are a genius for you are notbut you are wonderfully
GalileoStar3 weighing and filling machine,bearing grease filling machine