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Electronic component laboratory tester benchtop temperature humidity chamber chemical test machine

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Port: Tianjingang
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Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Month
Measurement range: 20°C~250°C
Brand Name: Zhongkemeiqi
Usage: High temperature testing
Place of Origin: Tianjin China
Power supply: 220V 50HZ
Model Number: MQ-DT(H)15F-2
Application: Physical experiment, chemical experiment, etc
Power: electronic
Packaging Detail: wooden box
Zhongkemeiqi (tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd.
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Desktop type high and low temperature humidity test chamber

Product Usage:

Desktop type high and low temperature humidity test chamber is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, instrumentation, electrical products, materials, auto parts, plastics and rubber products, chemicals, building materials, medical, photovoltaic and other industries, in high temperature and low humidity environment conditions accelerate the hygrothermal test, the alternating damp heat test, the constant damp heat test, the high temperature and humidity test, and the high and low temperature test on the test piece, so as to analyze and evaluate the performance of the test piece under the conditions of high temperature and low humidity.

Implementation and meeting standards:

GB/T 10589-2008 :cryogenic test chamber technical conditions

GB/T 10592-2008 :high and low temperature test chamber technical conditions

GB/T 2423.1-2008:basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products

GB/T 2423.2-2008:basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products high temperature test methods

GB/T 2423.3-2008:electronic products basic environmental testing procedures constant moisture heat test method

GB/T 2423.4-2008:basic environmental testing procedures for electrical and electronic products alternating humidity test methods

GJB 150.3A-2009:laboratory test method for military equipment laboratory high temperature test method

GJB 150.4A-2009:laboratory test method for military equipment laboratory low temperature test method

GJB 150.9A-2009:laboratory test method for military equipment laboratory damp heat test

GJB 360B-2009: test methods for electronic and electrical components

JJF 1101-2003:environmental and test equipment temperature and humidity calibration specifications

GB/T 5170.2-2008:test method for environmental test equipment of electric and electronic products Temperature test equipment

GB/T 5170.5-2008:test methods for environmental testing equipment for electric and electronic products

Product features:

Small and quiet: suitable for office environment, desktop can be placed

New type of refrigeration: compressor cooling can be achieved at any temperature from -70°C to -150°C

Efficient and energy-saving: reduce power consumption by more than 30% during low temperature test

Excellent performance: performance indicators better than national and military standard requirements

Optimize the air duct: based on the professional CFD fluid mechanics design, the air circulation is more reasonable

Simple operation: user-friendly operation interface, one-stop start-up, no professional training

Multiple Protection: ensure the safety of personnel, test pieces and equipment, worry-free use


Technical indicators

product name

Desktop type high and low temperature humidity test chamber

Product model



Nominal volume

Volume unit/L



Inner size

Width × depth × height (mm)



External size

Width × depth × height (mm)




Temperature range

A,-20℃~150℃   B,-40℃~150℃  C,-70℃~150℃  D,-90℃~150℃

Humidity range

A,10%~98%RH           B, 20%~98%RH        C, 30%~98%RH

Temperature fluctuation


Humidity fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


Temperature deviation


Humidity deviation

Humidity>75%RH:≤+2,-3%RH; Humidity<75%RH:≤±5%RH

Heating rate

≥2.0℃/ Min

Cooling rate

≥2.0℃/ Min

Linear temperature control


Refrigeration method

Compressor refrigeration

cooling method


The main components

Control System

Siemens programmable controller + touch screen + independent development program

Heating system

Fully independent system, high efficiency stainless steel finned tube heater

Humidifying system

Imported electronic humidity sensor

Cooling System

Import Danfoss Compressors

Circulatory system

Temperature and low noise motor, stainless steel centrifugal impeller

Use materials

Carton material

High-quality carbon steel plate, phosphating electrostatic spray treatment

Inner box material

International standard SUS304# stainless steel mirror treatment

Insulation material

Hard flame retardant polyurethane foam

Sealing material

High and low temperature environment-friendly silicone rubber seal


220±10% VAC,L+N+G

Communication Interface

RS232 communication interface, USB data interface, Ethernet

Standard configuration

Sample holder 1 set, test lead hole 1 set

Optional accessories

Recorder, Remote Control Software, Insulated Sample Holder, Split Manipulator, Dry Air Purge

safety devices

Leakage, short circuit, motor overheating, heater overheating, humidification, water shortage, compressor overpressure, overload, multiple overtemperature protection

Environmental requirements

Ambient temperature: 5~35°C, relative humidity: ≤85%RH, no strong vibration, electromagnetic radiation, no dust and corrosive substances around


 1. temperature performance parameters are in the ambient temperature of 25 °C, studio no load conditions, in accordance with GB/T5170.2-2008 test;

2. according to the specific requirements of users customized non-standard high and low temperature test box;

3. This technical information is subject to change without notice.


Common faults and solutions for high and low temperature damp heat test chamber


1. In the high temperature test, if the temperature change does not reach the test temperature value, the electrical system can be inspected and the faults can be eliminated one by one. If the temperature rises very slowly, it is necessary to check the air circulation system to see if the regulating baffle of the wind cycle is normal. On the contrary, check whether the motor of the wind cycle is running normally. If the temperature is too high, you need to set the PID setting parameters. If the temperature rises directly and the temperature is over-protected, then the controller fails and the control instrument must be replaced.

2, the low temperature can not reach the test index, then you have to observe the temperature change, the temperature is very slow, or the temperature has a tendency to rise after the temperature reaches a certain value, the former should check, whether it will be before the low temperature test Dry the studio, keep the studio dry, and then put the test sample into the work room and then test it. If the test sample in the work room is too much, the wind in the workroom cannot be fully circulated. After eliminating the above reasons, It is necessary to consider whether it is a malfunction in the refrigeration system, so it is necessary to ask a professional for maintenance. The latter phenomenon is caused by the poor use of the equipment. The ambient temperature at which the equipment is placed and the location where it is placed (the distance between the rear of the cabinet and the wall) must meet the requirements (as specified in the operating instructions for the equipment).

3. In the damp heat test, the actual humidity will reach 100% or the actual humidity will differ greatly from the target humidity. The value is much lower. The former phenomenon may be caused by the drying of the gauze on the wet bulb sensor. Whether there is water shortage in the water tank of the ball sensor, the water level in the water tank is automatically controlled by a water level controller. Check whether the water supply system of the water level controller is normal and the water level controller works normally. Another possibility is that the wet gauze is hardened due to the long use time or the purity of the water supply, so that the gauze becomes hard and the gauze can not absorb moisture and is dry. The above phenomenon can be eliminated by replacing or cleaning the gauze. The latter phenomenon is mainly because the humidification system does not work. Check the water supply system of the humidification system, whether there is a certain amount of water in the water supply system, whether the water level control of the humidification boiler water level is normal, and whether the water level in the humidification boiler is normal. If everything above is normal, then check the electrical control system, which should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.

4. When the equipment suddenly fails during the test operation, the corresponding fault display prompt appears on the control meter and there is an audible alarm prompt. The operator can quickly check which type of fault is involved in the troubleshooting chapter of the operation of the equipment, and then ask the professional to quickly eliminate the fault to ensure the normal operation of the test. High and low temperature constant temperature and humidity test chambers will have other phenomena in use, which requires specific phenomena, specific analysis and elimination. The high and low temperature constant temperature and humidity test chambers should be regularly maintained, the condenser of the refrigeration system should be cleaned regularly, the moving parts should be lubricated according to the instructions, the electrical control system should be regularly maintained and checked, etc. These tasks are indispensable.


Constant temperature and humidity test chamber daily maintenance


(1) The ground around the fuselage and the bottom should be kept clean at all times.

(2) The equipment should be cleaned of internal debris before operation.

(3) When opening or closing the test object, do not let the test object touch the door seal

(4) When the test object is taken out after the time has elapsed, it must be ensured that the device is turned off.

(5) The refrigeration system is the core of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. All copper tubes are leaked once every six months. All functional interfaces and welded joints must be disposed of immediately if there is any oil spill.

(6) The condenser should be regularly maintained and kept clean. The dust paste will cause the compressor to be high pressure, the switch will trip and cause false alarm. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust attached to the condenser heat sink or use it after starting. Brush or blow dust with a high pressure nozzle

(7) After each test, clean the tank with clean water, then raise the temperature to dry, keep the box dry.

(8) Circuit breakers and over-temperature protectors provide the safety protection of the test products and operators of the machine, and should be checked regularly.


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Zhongkemeiqi (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd, which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of many kinds’ climatic chambers.

We have passed the ISO9001 quality management, and our team consists of several senior experts who have been engaged in the development, manufacture and maintenance of environmental test equipment for many years.

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Q1: How can i get a quotation?

A1: Kindly provide us your details request (inner chamber size, temperature range, humidity range, power supply, product, etc.), leave us an inquiry or email and we will response promptly!

Q2: What's your temperature & humidity range?
A1: Our standards temperature range is -70℃~+180℃, 20%~98%RH.
We also can do Ultra low temperature to -190℃ .

Q3: What's your rate of heating & cooling?
A3: Our standards rate is average 3℃/min for heating, 2℃/min for cooling.
3℃/min,5℃/min,8℃/min,10℃/min,15℃/min linear or non-linear speed is available for us.


Q4: What's your warranty?
A4: 12 Months (Noted: free spares parts can be offered during warranty period, exclude consumables and man-made damages), life-time technical service


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