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similar wilcom original  isew  embroidery machine Digitizing embroidery software

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1.(Photo stitch)

*Imported photos and images are automatically converted into color photo stitches, supporting contour segmentation and background removal.


2.(Automated design pattern)

*Import vector and image files for automatic conversion into fill and outline stitches.)


3.(Embroidery Lettering)

*Supports over 200 letter libraries, and can convert TrueType into embroidery fill stitches and outline stitches.)


4.Sequin function

*Support four kinds of ABCD sequins superimposed and used alternately


5.Graphic design style pattern making tools

*Input methods A, B, C, and compound fills to help you make printing easier and more efficient.


6.Multiple embroidery stitches

*There are many types of needles such as stain , tatami, zigzag, and E needles.


7.Artistic Stitch Effects



8.Motif Runs & Fills

*The Embroidery Motif tools allow you to use motifs to create ornamental runs and textured fills)


9.Automatically generate pattern outlines

*Automatically generate pattern outlines, making it easier to cut embroidery products)


10.Combined mirror copy function

*More efficient design of repeated patterns


11.Input method C corner smooth processing


12.Offset function

*Can add any number of offset lines and generate spirals


13.Fill holes

*Automatically fill pattern holes for efficient pattern design




 14.Embroidery thread color

(You need to decide how many embroidery thread colors to use and the order of embroidery thread colors for embroidery. When you digitize, you select the embroidery thread color from the palette. If possible, simplify the pattern design to reduce the number of color changes. Always start with the shape behind and move forward layer by layer. See details about changing the color of embroidery thread.)





Complete tutorial:


Photo embroidery




Automatic photo embroidery generation

How to use automation to generate photo embroidery?

1.Use the Image menu to insert a desired image.












2.Select the inserted image.

3.Click the Image menu to select the Photo Stitch menu.

4.Fill in the cell threshold and check the edge fuzzy selection box.

5.Click OK.


Use a photo stitch divider

Use a photo stitch contour divider to remove the background and areas of the photo that do not require embroidery.

How do I use a photo stitch contour divider?

1.Use the Image menu to insert a desired image.

2. Select the vector tool. And draw a vector object according to the image.

3. Select the vector object and click the image menu > to use the photo stitch divider.

*New Exterior Design &Internal Upgrade



Introduction of Products

 At this exhibition, Dahao Company will promote the emCAD Dahao Patten-designing System formally. The highlight of this system is at its sequin pattern-designing. Beside to the kinds of sequin input methods, this system also provides several edition methods of the sequin pattern, which makes the creation and modification of sequin pattern become easier. The various pattern copy methods also improve the efficiency of designing. Meanwhile, due to its strong capability to handle the huge multi-sequin pattern, the edition and modification of that huge pattern is as easy as the normal pattern, which is easy for user to use in their production. It meets the pattern-design requirement of lockstitch looping embroidery, carpet embroidery, cross embroidery and other latest special embroideries. Input the picture with the camera on the computer. Then the system will recognize the picture and create the stitch form automatically. The function of photo-and-embroider is realized.

Introduction of Basic Functions

Compound Filling (with hole)

The complex close shape with hole can be created easily. The controller will intelligently create the stitch forms bypassing the internal area and keep the holes, and the satin stitches, tatami stitches or the motif stitches can be filled.

Zigzag Edge

With the zigzag function, user can easily make the effects of the fur, feather or petals. For realizing the zigzag function in manual method, it will take a long time at before. But now, user can achieve this effect in one step operation.

Self-setting Corner

By setting the properties of corner, user can adjust the stitch form of the corner. At present, there are two kind of corner effect. One is mitre corner, the other is cap corner.

Load Image

Loading image as the background will make the patterndesigning become easier.

Horizontal/Vertical Copy

With this function, user can use the direction keys to fast copy the shape at four directions after pointing the copy distances in horizontal direction and vertical direction.

Fragment Filling

In the close area, the system will randomly sew a wave line at certain interval and use that wave to fill this close area.

Matrix Copy

The system will copy a series of objects in circle or matrix method.

Wave Filling

Create the filling effect of wave. At present, the system support one wave line and double wave line, whose effect can be set freely.

Multiple Satin Stitch

User can sew the satin stitches for many times to receive the effect of thick thread embroidery. The normal satin stitch counter can only provide the multiple sewing in one direction, but after the setting, this system can make the multiple sewing in two directions.

Compound Filling Stitch with Deviation

At filling the stitches in the close shape, if the connection line of the different stitch section is on the outline, the embroidery effect will be not so good at low embroidery density. At this moment, user can use this function to deviate the connection line away from the outline so that the stitch forms can be limited within the range of the outline.

Insert Deviation Object

Create a series of objects that is parallel to the original shape in certain distance, direction and amount.

For the close object, user can set whether to connect them in screw way. For the open object, user can set different connection methods.

Self-setting Division

User can add one or more curves as the dividing lines, which are used to divide the pattern. With this function, the embroidery effects of leaves and petals are more natural.

Curve Division

User can add one or more curves as the dividing lines, which are used to divide the shape or object. With this function, user can divide the original shape or object into several shapes or objects.

Zigzag Edge Method:

This software provides many ways to handle the zigzag edge.

1. Normal single-side zigzag and double-side zigzag

2. The single-side zigzag and double-side zigzag disposed according to scale coefficient and scale amount

3. Special Effect

Introduction of Letter Embroidery


The software provides several built-in fonts which is easy for user to edit the letter pattern. The letter pattern provides the handling methods for letter filling stitch and letter outline stitch. By the way, the letter array methods are also provided in the software.    

1.Roman Font

2. Shuti Font

3. Black Font

4. Thin Black

5. Li Font

Array Method

1. Arc

2. Circle

3. Vertical Line

4. Free Curve

Stitch of Font Outline

User can load the font built in the software or the font installed in the operation system to create the outline stitch of font in the software.

Introduction of Sequin Pattern-designing Function

Manual Sequin Function

With manual sequin function, user can put sequins in different sizes on the basis of the manual stitch form randomly. User can set the sequin size at inputting the point, which enables to make the irregular sequin pattern more conveniently.

Automatic Sequin Function

This function enable to put the sequins with certain sequence on a curve, and user can set the sizes of the sequins used, stitch form of the fixing line and sequin density. User needn't to set the sequin one by one any more, while the software can automatically create the sequin pattern according to the input outline.

Manual Sequin Functions

 For the sequin pattern with low density, user can use the manual sequin function to design the pattern and set the stitch along with the curve outline.

Enable to fill sequin with many input methods and stitch methods.

Support the Tatami in input method A, B and C. The E-shape stitch for sequin can make the sequin-fill in the special shape become easier.

Sequin Edition

With the sequin edition function, user can turn the sequin in one style to other styles, or to series of sequins in other styles, so as to achieve the complicated sequin effect.

Sequin Texture Function

With this function, user can set the different sequin codes according to the drawn vector figure so as to match the sequin shape to the vector figure.

Object Sequin Transfer

This function enables to turn the original sequin codes within the object to other sequin codes in batch. User has no needs to select the sequin stitch forms for transferring.

The DHA Format Combining to Dahao Controller

  After user inputs the pattern to controller, the system will set the color-changing order and user can directly pull the bar for embroidery. Meanwhile, because the thread color is also set, user can directly check the actual embroidery effect and select the thread according to the displayed pattern. For the pattern with many colors or sequins, this function rapidly enhances the performance of the controller, simplifies the user operation and improves the productivity.

emCAD Dahao pattern-making software for embroidery machines supports automatic generation of pattern barcode at pattern-designing

Dahao computerized control systems support barcode scanning

 Support barcode-scanning and auto selection of pattern

 User can use the barcode scanner to automatically select the pattern, which is easy for user to manage.




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