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Lexuma X2O Anti-oxidation, Metal Industrial Machinery Waterproof Protection, 10ml IPX4 IPX7 Nano Water Repellent Spray

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CAS No.: 64741-65-7
Other Names: Naphtha (petroleum), heavy alkylate
EINECS No.: 265-067-2
Place of Origin: Netherlands
Main Raw Material: White mineral oil
Usage: Appliance Paint,Plastic Coating,Electrical protective coating
Application Method: Spray
State: Liquid Coating
Brand Name: Lexuma
Model Number: XWP-1010
Environmental: Food grade coated oil
Certification: IPX4 & IPX7
Density: 0.78 to 0.82 g/cm3
Expiration: 7 years (non-frictional parts)
Temperature limit: -50°C to 140°C
Selling Units: Multiple of 100
Package size per batch: 100X50X50 cm
Gross weight per batch: 8 KG
Package Preview:

X2O waterproof spray equips your electronics and machinery with IPX4 and IPX7 water repellent protection


X2O Water Repellent / Waterproofing Spray, tailor-made waterproof coating for your electronic devices!


Water Repellent Coatings for Electrical & Electronic Applications

Applications: Bluetooth headsets, Drones, Power bank chargers, Mobile phones, Laptops, Camera, Power strips...

10ml: about 3 smartphones

Certification: IPX4 & IPX7 Rating (Water Protection rating)

Easy to Apply: Spray for 1 second on all openings, Wait for 15 minutes, Last for 6 months, Can apply repeatedly.

Highly Reversible: Easily cleaned by household detergents

Non-irritating to sensitive skin (Non-toxic, Food grade coated oil)



X2O Water Repellent Spray - Enjoy Your Mobile Devices in the Rain

Have you found the perfect transparent raincoat for your electronic devices or machinery? Here, we introduce you the X2O Water Repellent coating Spray. It is designed to solve the universal short- circuiting and corrosion problems of electrical and electronic devices. Your phones, laptops and industrial machines will be fully protected once you sprayed the waterproof coating. This waterproof coating spray can be mainly applied on Mobile Devices and Industrial Equipment. Now, you can protect your electrical devices by applying the X2O water repellent spray so that they will no longer be affected by sudden splash of water or the rain. 


Why X2O waterproof spray can give electronic devices water protection?

Nanotechnology is the chemical theory behind this waterproof coating spray. Nano coating is coating of an application where nano structures build a consistent network of molecules on a surface that make it super-hydrophobic or super-hydrophilic. Waterproof layer formed by Nano particles will repel liquid molecules so that no moisture or water can get into devices through small openings. Main features of this nano coating are transperency, breathability, water and stain repellency, scratch and corrosion resistance.


Special features about Nanotechnology:

Anti-oxidation & corrosion: Stop air moisture from contacting with electrical parts or metal parts.

Self-recover: Nano particles can recover from scratching and rapid use of electronic / electrical devices


Since no water can get inside your device, the waterproof layer can prevent short circuit.


Therefore, extend the service life of equipment and appliances



Why X2O waterproof spray is Environmental-Friendly and Safe to use?

We know that X2O water resistant coating spray will be used in household, daily use and industrial use, which users' skin and physical health should be our concerns.

But the truth is, many “water resistant” products in the market rely on chemistry and man-made chemicals, which may be irritating to sensitive skin and have side effects for long term usage.


We, committed that NO harmful chemicals or materials are used in X2O waterproof spray. The spray is mainly composed of food graded oil and nano coatings, which is 100% non toxic and safe to use. The compressed gas is environmental-friendly too.




General Protection (IPX4)

What is IPX4?

Your device will be protected against Splashing or sprayed water from any angle for some minutes.


Applications on:




Lexuma X2O FAQs

If the X2O water resistant spray has waterproof function, can I spray it on my clothes or bags?

X2O water resistant spray is ONLY for electronic devices, cannot be used on clothes or bags. X2O waterproof spray is totally different from those waterproof sprays for clothes and shoes, it is of different technology. For fabrics and bags, there are other waterproof spray in the market and online stores. For electronic devices, X2O waterproof coating spray is perfectly functional.


Is it safe for children to use the sprayed device? Is the liquid toxic?
It is safe for both children and adults since X2O waterproof spray is non-toxic and food grade coated oil based. It is suitable for sensitive skin and once it is dried, the liquid will not stick to hands.


What if I sprayed it, but my device is still not waterproofed well? Water still make the device damaged.

If it does get damp, unplug any cables and do not attempt to charge it or plug anything into the connector for at least five hours, nor do try to switch it on. You want the smartphone to be completely dry before introducing electricity. Refrain from opening the SIM tray as well, since that can give water a way into the inner workings. To dry the device, wipe off the outside with a soft cloth. Stand it up and gently tap it on your hand to shake out any water that's pooled inside. Do not try and dry the port by probing it with a wadded up bit of paper or a cotton bud. That's a bad idea. Next, leave it out someplace with good airflow. Don't try and speed up the process with a hair dryer. Placing it in rice won't make the process go faster, and the grain can actually damage the port. A cool fan pointed at the port is fine, but beyond that it's just a matter of patience.

Actually, if you followed the instructions in the user manual, your device should be properly waterproofed after spraying X2O water resistant spray. But if you still have some problems on the application methods, you can email our support team will try to help you.

A little reminder: the warranty condition is not applied to X2O waterproof spray. If your device is damaged, we advise you find professionals to fix the issue.


X2O water repellent coating spray can be applied to all electronic parts? It is liquid, will I get electric shock?
Although X2O waterproof spray is liquid, it is designed to solve short-circuiting problem. After waiting for 15 minutes, you can use dry towel to clean the oil liquid. There will not be liquid remaining on the device anymore since only nano layer is left to protect the device. Also, it can be applied to high voltage systems and parts, like motors, cables and electric saws. Of course you need to turn off the electricity before applying the spray. Then wait 15 minutes and clean the excess spray liquid. Reassemble the machine and turn on the power again. There will not be electric shocks or damage of engines.