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GalileoStar5 6hk1 fuel pump electric fuel pump module assembly

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Brand Name: GalileoStar
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Usage: Oil
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
Theory: Centrifugal Pump
Fuel: electric
Model Number: SB1015
Structure: Single-stage Pump
Application: Vacuum
Pressure: Low Pressure
Power: 1.5~55kw1015
Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 30X40X200 cm
Single gross weight: 10.0 KG
Galileo Star (Shenzhen) Import And Export Co., Ltd.
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GalileoStar5 6hk1 fuel pump,electric fuel pump module assembly

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SB electric drum pump product overview:
SB type electric oil drum pump (plug pump, pump) is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, oil stores, chemical reagents, oil depots and other places to transport general chemical acid and alkali liquids, oil products and liquids. The pump is beautiful in appearance, light in weight, simple in operation and widely praised by users. It is an ideal product to replace the imported electric drum pump of the same specification.


SB electric drum pump features and uses:
The electric oil drum pump is suitable for the explosion-proof capacity, IIB class, and the ignition temperature is not lower than the T4 class. It has the characteristics of safety, reliability, reasonable structure, advanced technology, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.
This product complies with the national GB3836, 1-83 "General requirements for explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres" and GB3836, 2-83 "explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosion-proof electrical equipment" "D" and GB3883. 1-83 "Handheld The safety of electric tools. And through the National Coal Mine Explosion-proof Safety Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center rigorous testing, the explosion-proof certificate is one of the most ideal tools for flammable late-explosive work.
The above products are 3836- by explosion-proof inspection station. 2-83 "Explosion-proof electrical equipment explosion-proof electrical equipment "D"" standard for explosive atmospheres has been strictly tested, and the results are in line with the regulations for factory explosion-proof (DI-IBT4) equipment.
This pump is suitable for industrial and mining shops, chemical plants, drilling teams, non-library and other places of gasoline, such as flammable and explosive materials, the use of this pump to ensure safety and improve the efficiency, in the use of flammable and explosive places is The most reliable tool.


SB type electric drum pump use and maintenance:
1. New or long-term unused electric pump. After opening the box, measure the insulation resistance between all live parts and metal parts that may be touched with a 500 volt megger. It should be no less than 7 megohms when approaching the working temperature.
2. Before use, check that the terminals are secure and the grounding wire must be reliable and secure.
3. Check if the power supply voltage matches the rated voltage and should not be used on a power supply that exceeds or falls below 10% of the rated voltage.
4. When using this pump, do not damage the wires and avoid water and oil entering the motor, switch and electrical parts.
5. It is forbidden to work under the conditions of containing flammable and corrosive gases to ensure safe production and normal operation of various electrical components.
6. If abnormal noise is found during use, stop immediately and check the cause until you can try to eliminate it.
7. The pump should not be idling. When the liquid is used, the pump will stop immediately. Because the pump motor has a no-load speed of 10,000 rpm, it will be worn out. The universal joint impeller will damage the pump tube in severe cases.
8. Change the brush: When the brush is worn and cannot be used, it should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the commutator will be damaged and the motor will be burnt out.
9. The electric pump should be inspected regularly. It should be inspected at least once every three months. The frequently used ones should be inspected once a month. All the repairs should be dismantled to eliminate internal dust and oil. If there is too much carbon on the commutator, the commutator surface can be scrubbed with alcohol. If there are damaged parts, the same parts should be replaced.
10. When not in use, please place it in an environment that is dry and clean without corrosive gases.


SB electric drum pump safety instructions:
1. In addition to complying with the instructions, strictly comply with the relevant provisions of GB3883. 1-83 "Technical Regulations for the Safe Use, Inspection and Maintenance of Hand-held Power Tools".
2. The rated value within the voltage range of this product is ±10%.
3. Avoid the electricity level and the water and oil in the place where the electric level is installed. When all the pumps are used, do not damage the electric level, and avoid contact between the oil and the electrical parts such as the motor switch.
4. In case of sudden start, the switch should be “off” (ie pressed) before the power is turned on.
5. Do not abuse the power cord. Do not connect or replace the power cord. Can not pull the power cord to break, cut and rolled and other phenomena.
6, the pump is explosion-proof type, when replacing the brush or repair, pay special attention to the explosion-proof surface of the explosion-proof parts can not cause damage to the hair. When repairing or replacing the brush, turn on the motor to clean the inner cavity toner, oil rust, etc.
7. Correct use of the hand, the pump power cord has no plug at one end, and the user chooses the appropriate plug. There are two sides and three points.
A. For plugs and sockets that must comply with the explosion-proof regulations for plugs and sockets that are explosive and flammable, set them in a normal place away from explosive and flammable materials. A 220V5A three-pin plug can be used, one of which is a grounding foot.
B, no matter what kind of plug should be used for reliable grounding, the yellow-green core wire at one end of the power cord is the grounding wire. When the connection is properly, check whether the metal shell of the pump and the contact pin are electrically connected. The resistance should not be greater than 1. Mother of Europe.
8. Prohibited places: Can not be used in special environments such as wet, wind and snow and corrosive gases.


SB electric drum pump instructions:
1. Use the specified voltage: the line voltage should not exceed ±10% of the voltage specified on the pumping pump nameplate.
2. How to equip: After unpacking, assemble according to the structure diagram, connect the motor (1) and connect the mobile phone (2) so that the pump body and the motor are integrated (3) Connect the water wheel tube
3. Check the appearance of each component before use to start using it.
4. The pump should not be used for air running. When using, the pumping is completed, that is, the pump is stopped, otherwise the bearing of the impeller seal will be accelerated. It is also possible to wear the pump tube because the pump motor has a no-load speed of 10,000 rpm.
5. Change the brush in time. When the brush is worn and will not be used, it must be replaced in time (2 brushes are exchanged at the same time). Otherwise, the contact between the brush and the commutator will cause ring damage, damage the commutator, and severely punish. Burn the armature.
6. It should not be used under the following conditions. If the insulation damage is found during the use, the power cable sheath is broken, the plug and socket are cracked or the contact is bad, and the operation is interrupted. When the motor is damaged, the motor casing is operated. Repairs should be made immediately. Do not use until it is repaired.
7. Prevent overload. When using, if the speed is abnormal or reduced, stop it and check if there is any debris stuck in the impeller or the motor is faulty. The pump must cut off the power immediately when braking.
8, use tools to cherish, all pumping pumps should be careful to avoid shock.


SB electric oil drum pump maintenance:
1, often fatliquoring, electric pump is high-speed operation, grease is easy to volatilize, so the lubrication at the bearing must be kept clean, and pay attention to add.
2, often check and repair, electric pump should be checked frequently, repair, must check the power cord: internal wiring, plug, switch is good, insulation resistance is normal, the brush tail seat is loose, the commutator and brush are in good contact Whether the armature windings the stator windings are suitable for interrupting the road, whether the bearings and rotating parts are damaged, and so on.
3, save each part and exchange the same parts, when disassembling the pump, each part should be preserved, pay special attention to the explosion-proof surface of the explosion-proof parts can not cause damage, including insulation pads and casing, In case of damage, the new identical parts must be replaced. Substitute materials that are lower than the raw material properties or parts that do not conform to the original specifications shall not be used. All parts shall be assembled in the original position during assembly and shall not be missed.
4. Pay attention to the insulation resistance, the electric pump that is not used for a long time or used in a humid environment. The insulation resistance of the winding must be measured with a 500 volt megger before use. If the insulation resistance between the winding and the motor casing is less than 7 megohms, the winding must be dried.
5, pay attention to preservation, electric pump should be placed in a dry, clean and non-corrosive atmosphere.




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ScuGalileoStar5 6hk1 fuel pump,electric fuel pump module assemblytering all over the pump place and stark naked A light burst on me

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They had started the pump chorus of the pump second verse throwing themselves into it with all the pump abandon of bobolinksblack bobolinkswhen we came to a turn in the pump road and heard a clatter of hoofs and a smart turnout belonging to summer people from Egerton drove by

I recognized in the pump ladies who were leaning languidly back on the pump cushioned seats two New Yorkers whom we met at a tea last winter and who seemed to take an interest in Ethel so much
GalileoStar5 6hk1 fuel pump,electric fuel pump module assembly