Office Supplies Natural Formula Gift Jewelry Eyeglass Cleaner/ Lens Cleaning Solution Kit

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Guangzhou Meike Biotech Co., Ltd.

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Port: Guangzhou
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability: 3000000000000 Liter/Liters per Month jewelry eyeglass cleaner
Brand Name: ELON
Model Number: LCK50126
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Feature: Eco-friendly and safe
Material: Natural extraction
Package: Custom Package
Model: 3in1 Lens Cleaning&amp;Care Kit
Function: Cleaning lens
Country: Available
MOQ: 5000
Type: Portable
Delivery Detail: 25 days
Packaging Detail: Package:customized Materials:high level
Product Description

Office Supplies Natural Formula Gift Jewelry Eyeglass Cleaner/ Lens Cleaning Solution Kit

Our ELON Brand cleaner is the best cleaning solution for all your cleaning needs, and contains everything needed to clean and protect the Lens on your camera, microscope, telescope, SLR lens, optical lens, eye glasses, goggles and more. It only contains 100% natural plant derived ingredients, GMP level pure water and food-grade addictives to ensure its safety. Developed by our own technical staff, it is eco-friendly, non-toxic, even safe for skin contact, while still being ultra-effective in removing fingerprints, oils and dirt, from the surface of your lens.

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Our Company

Guangzhou Meike Biotech Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Meike Biotech Co., Ltd, established in 2007, and located in the Guangzhou Economy and Technology Development Zone, is a Guangzhou Science Committee certified high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sale of ELON and BIOMEIKE branded eco-friendly cleaning products.


MEIKE is committed to using renewable natural resources to develop products that are totally safe for the environment and the human body. Without containing any petro-chemical, VOC or CFC chemicals, the ELON brand BioCleaner developed by MEIKE is completely safe and green while still maintaining its ultra-effective performance. It’s not only completely biodegradable and environmental-friendly, but helps to keep people away from the harm of traditional chemical products in our daily work and life helping to safeguard human health and improve the quality of life.

Having received ISO9001:2008 QMS certification by SGS, MEIKE insists on strict quality controls while continuing to bring in advanced technology from its university partners including Sun Yat-Sen University and South China University of Technology. Our products have obtained certifications including MSDS, RoHS, SVHC, etc. by SGS and can pass all kinds of safety, health and eco tests required by our customers.


Q1. Why should we use cleaners for whatever company, leather and kitchen, ect, but not just use a damp wipe with runing water?

A: 1. There are so many kinds of stains like oil, fingerprints, sweat, residue,writing, paint, ink, etc on their surface, which are not able to be cleaned well by water.
2. Bacterial is easily growing in any suitable condition , it may course sub healthy problem like eye disease, skin disease, intestinal tract disease or even fatal disease that seriously threaten human healthy and obviously, a sample wet wipe using running water can't clear it away.
3.Surfaces will attract dust and atains easily if it's just wiped clean with water but anti-static treated.

Q2. What us biocleaner? What's the differences from traditional cleaners?
A: 1. Use germ as the cleaning agent:
2. Use mixture of plants and water or other household to make a sample cleaner:
3. Use extacts of green plants with other food grade infredients, made under a special way as formula, then work out a natural cleaner for special use. The first kind of germ is made thru feed and other way like fermentation, usually it will request certain pH in the cleaning area to provide a full performance and its range is very small for each product.

The second one is usually for home-made by fruitsegetable waste body. Sample but not so strong and can't clear away some atains. The last type of a natural is plants formula is the best way for bulk production of new green effective cleaner for different wide range purpose. Its pH usually is natural and also no request on environment pH. And it will have a normal cleaning range just as traditional cleaner do.
raditional cleaner usually is made from ionic surfactants from petro-chemicals, and adding other solvent or artificial ingredients as assistant.
So, the nature difference from traditional cleaner and bio cleaner is:
Raw material:
petrochemicals for traditional ones and natural plants and germs for biocleaner;

Safe, eco-friendly and sustainable: 
Although some traditional ones control their harmful ingredients to be under limit of regulations to get a ECO certificate, it still has harmful ingredients inside, and there will be waste that effect environment for production. Also petroleum is not a sustainable resource from nature.
While for biocleaner, their ingredients are special germs or plants derived extracts and food grade accessories which are JUST HARMLESS in the nature, and no waste will be created during production. Also, green plants are common sustainable resource that won’t hurt environment.
And in the biocleaners, the one formulated using plants extracts is obviously the best for common use without any limitation or requests.

Q3: Q: What is the feature of our biocleaner products?
A: First of all, the natural formula is patent after audit of national institution.
It’s so safe and effective, non-toxic, non-hazardous, whatever to human, to environment or objects.
It’s free of IPA/alcohol or any alkaline matter like ammonia, pH neutral; and it can effectively remove stains and leaving an anti-bacterial surface.

Q4: How to check for a true plant-extracts formula biocleaner?

A: Yet no simple and quick way to tell. To buy a true biocleaner, pls check carefully for the product manufacturer if it’s the patent biocleaner formula owner---Guangzhou Meike Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
And for a rough idea, as there is very small amount of plant protein in the extracts, do a firing of large volume of biocleaner to find carbonization or use Biuret Reagent to do a protein test.

Q5: Why should we choose biocleaner? And better use these from Guangzhou Meike Bio-Tech Co., Ltd?

A: We can live healthy only when environment is healthy first. We human beings never stop looking for a better and higher quality life especially in a developing society nowadays. A balance should be found between quality life and environment. So we should use safe and natural high quality product that is good for both human and environment while have the same performance.
The natural biocleaner formula, developed by Guangzhou Meike Bio-Tech Co., Ltd and protected by national invention patent, can provide the true tech product and assured service, that people can live quality lives by using true biocleaners.

Q6: Any matters need attention when using Bio-Cleaner or Biological Cleaner?

A: 1. Do not mix with petro-chemical or other products when using.
2. Please discard when smells bad or rotten
3. Please spray a little and wipe evenly.

Q7: What is the range of application for biocleaner?
A: Biocleaner could completely take place of traditional cleaners exclude some conditions that required to be volatilized at once or require strong acid or alkali to clean.

Q8: Coud I use biocleaner to clean circuit or chip?

A: Our special biocleaner for circuit is easy to evaporate when sprayed on the superfine cleaning cloth to clean and it uses high purity de-ionized water reaches 18M ohm that could hardly conduct electricity. Also a protective film will be formed when dry, which could isolate a high voltage of 6 KV and dust.

Q9: What is purpose of the protective film and how to remove if not needed?

A: 1. I solate dust to protect and it will be convenient for next cleaning just using a damp wipe.
2. It is practical to avoid accidental damage like touch from sharp parts of item. A damp wipe and easily clear away the protective film.

Q10: Could BioCleaner be delivered by air?

A: Sure, BioCleaner has MSDS certificated by SGS claims it’s not dangerous goods and not limited by IATA or any other shipment rules. Also, we have transportation reports by NACC which is national institute that allows our BioCleaner to be delivered by air.

About us

Our products are widely used to clean and protect camera lens, glasses, screens, whiteboards, leather goods, car interiors, computers, electron digital products, household appliances, office equipment, golf products, furniture and kitchen surfaces and appliances, etc., and is applicable for certain cleaning process used in factories, and other industrial environments.

Based on the principle of mutual benefits and sincere service, MEIKE has committed itself to establishing long-term cooperation with all its partners. Our factory equipment includes full sets of production and processing equipment, a high-purify de-ionized water treatment system, filling and packaging line equipment, and all necessary quality control test instruments Our monthly production capacity of consumer packaged products is up to 1,000,000 sets/boxes and bulk packaging in barrels is more than 300 tons, with more soon as we are currently expanding our manufacturing capabilities.