new and original 1794-VHSC Flex 2 Point High Speed Counter Module

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Port: shenzhen/HK
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,Paypal
Condition: Standard Package
Brand Name: original
Type: plc module
Warranty: 1 Year
Place of Origin: Singapore
Quality: Top Level
Model Number: 1794-VHSC
Deao Electric International Co., Limited
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Product Description 

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We can supply major Allen-Bradley PLC 
Allen-Bradley PLC 1756 1746 1760 1794 1771 AB PLC

We can offer very attractive prices for Allen-Bradley PLC and I/O Modules, ranging from 1756 1746 1760 1794 1771 AB PLC. We are currently supplying 1756 1746 1760 1794 1771 AB PLC parts to USA, Europe, South-East Asia, India, Pakistan, Middle East and etc. Please contact us for more details. 
1756-L55M12 1746-P4 170XTS00100
1756-L55M13 1746-A4 170MCI02500
1756-L55M14 1746-A7 170MCI02800
1756-L55M22 1746-A10 170CPS11100
1756-L55M23 1746-A13 Honeywell 621-00200RC
SST-PFB-CLX 1746-IB16 1770-SC
1756-L61 1746-IB32 1746-P4
1756-L63 1746-OB16 1492D-16BVTOD
1756-HSC 1746-OB32 1794-IV16
1756-IB16 1746-OW8 1794-OV16
1756-IB32 1746-OW16 1794-8B8P
1756-OB32 1746-NI4 1792D-CB12JP
1756-ENBT 1746-NT4 1794-ASB
1756-CNBR 1746-NT8 1794-ASB2
1756-CNB 1746-NR4 1794-OB16D
1756-DNB 1746-NI8 1761-L32BWB
1756-OB16I 1746-NR8 1746-P7
1756-IF16 1746-IM16 AS-BDAP-216
1756-IM16I 1746-NIO4I 170ADI35000
1756-OW16I 1746-NIO4V 170PNT11020
1756-IR6I 1746-NO4I 140CPS11100
1756-CP3 1746-NO8I PC-E984-245
1756-OF8 1746-NO4V MHDA1056N00
1756-IA16 1746-HSCE 18030 CRM601 SY/NET
1756-OF6CI 1746-OA16 ATV58HU41N4
1756-DHRIO 1746-IG16 AS-W808-002
1756-OA16 1746-IA16 AS-P120-000
1756-BA1 1746-IV16 1746-OB16E
1756-A10 1746-oV32 1746-OV16
1756-BNC/B 1746-OV16 1746-OV32
1756-TBCH 1746-NI16I 1746-HSCE
1756-TBNH 1746-OX8 1746-OX8
1756-PA72 1786-TPS 1746-OB32
1756-OB16E 1786-BNC 1746-IB32
1756-PA75R 1747-SDN 2090-SCNP10-0
1756-A7 1747-ASB 56NEX
1756-A17 1747-SN 1756-M08SE
1756-A13 1784-PCIC AS-BDAO-216
1747-L524 1794-TB3S 1785-L40B
1747-L531 1794-TBN AS-BDEP-216
1747-L532 1794-PS13 1785L80C15
1747-L541 1746-C9 1771OFE1
1747-L551 1794-ACN15 1771CFM
1747-L552 1747-CP3 1771OAD
1747-L553 1794-OM8 1771OBD
1747-L542 1762-MM1 1771OZL
1747-L543 1761-NET-DNI 1785L60B
1746-P1 1769-OV16 1771IQ
1746-P2 1764-LSP 1762-OW16
1746-P3 1764-24BWA 1771-CP1
140CPU53414B 2711-K6C10 TCSESM083F2CU0
MA0329001 1746-IN16 140DAI74000
990XCA65609 1762-OW16 140ERT85410
520422000 1769-IF8 140CPU67160
RS20-2400M2M2SDAE 1769-OW16 140CPU43412A
140DDI85300 140DAI75300 140CPS11420
140DDO35301 140AVI02000 140CPS12420
140AII33010 140AVI03000 140XBP01000
140XCP51000 140DAO85300 140XBP01600
170INT11000 140DDO84300 140XBP00600
170ADM35011 140DDI84100 140DDI35300
140CRA93100 140DAO84000 140DDO35300
140CHS41020 140DRA84000 140ARI03010
140XCA71703 140DAO84210 140ACO13000
140CPU11302 140NOE77101 140CRA93200
140CPU11303 140CPS11100 140CRP93200



Allen-Bradley powerflex 700s ac drive 20DD096A3EYNANCNLAllen-Bradley powerflex 700s ac drive 20DD096A3EYNANCNLAllen-Bradley powerflex 700s ac drive 20DD096A3EYNANCNL

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