Product Name: 10KW unit portable quick AC to DC EV CHAdeMO charging stations
Port: Shenzhen
Supply Ability: 100 Piece/Pieces per Month
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union
Packaging Details: wooden box package


 About Company


Shenzhen SETEC Power Co.,Ltd. specialize in the production: Electric car charging module / DC charging station, communication / power inverters, DC power supplies, DC DC converters, Solar pump inverter, BTS, Battery analyzer. 10 years with R & D experience, SETEC Power won the good praise with advanced technology, excellent quality and best price. SETEC products can meet the broad needs of charging stations, communications systems, electrical systems for power supply. Such as: 4S shop, access network, optical transmission relay stations, mobile base stations, microwave communications. Central office. The company's aim is: the user needs first, first-class product quality, service and thoughtful. The company has passed ISO9000-2000 quality system certification.







In order to enable users to more convenient and efficient, SETEC has developed out of a portable charger. No matter where you go, how far it is, you can charge it anytime. Due to the light and small size, it can put into your car





SETQCY series DC charging station is mainly used for electric vehicle fast charging. Products can be installed outdoors, with waterproof, dustproof design IP54. This DC fast charging station has charging interface, man-machine interface, communications, billing and other parts, modular design, easy installation, operation and maintenance and simple, and the charger with the use of electric vehicles outdoor DC fast charge ideal choice.




 Product Features:


1.Intelligent module, CPU module built intelligent management, with manual / automatic dual control ;

2.Distributed control system, a single module failure does not affect system operation ;

3.Module efficiency up to 95%;

4.Charging module has a sleep function, based on the number of modules automatically select the size of the load current to start, so that the module and efficient operation ;

5.Charging module uses a unique full isolation dust structure, built-in cooling fan with intelligent speed control, and can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the load operation, to extend the life of the fan;

6.Acceptable remote trip command to achieve the emergency stop function.

7.Charging module comes with APFC function, power factor of 0.99, the total harmonic current distortion THD <5%charging



Production Description:


SETQCY DC quick charger consists of charging modules, monitor, smartmeter, HMI, communication module, charging connector, management and cabinet.


DC Quick charging station offers Electric Vehicle owners an opportunity to charge their car safely and quickly. A typical electric car with 24kWh battery pack may be charged as quickly as 20 minutes to get up to 80% of its capacity.


For example,


We know Nissan Leaf battery capacity is 24KWH,

if you use our 20KW EV charger,

1,it needs 24KWH/20KW=1.2hour=72minutes from 0% to 100%.


2,if you use our 40KW EV charger,

 it needs 24KWH/40KW=0.6hour=36minutes from 0% to 100%.


different output power of EV charger, different charging speed.


The Charger combines industry standardization with advanced charging technology to support next-generation electric vehicles.  Seamless integration with several payment & billing platform solutions enable easy and secure payments via station payment terminals and RFID card.










Structure Diagram:


 10KW inside (4).jpg



10KW inside (3).jpg




10KW and 20KW.jpg







System Technical Data:


Input parameter


rated value





input voltage


three phase 380Vac


305~520 Vac



input frenquency 




power factor 

≥ 0.99

 / /
current harmonics 

≤ 5%

 / /
inrush current 

≤ 30A


Cold boot


 Output parameter



rated value



overvoltage protection




overcurrent protection




short circuit protection


When the output short circuit, and fault alarm indicator

Over temperature protection

> 85℃


When temperature > 85 ℃, the machine goes into automatically protection state and fault lights and can be automatically restored after temperature lift and power can be set according to the temperature rise



Main Screen:

 portable display.jpg




Module efficiency graph


We know efficiency is an important parameter in energy saving . The power is more large, and then if the efficiency will increase each 1%, most significant here is saving energy and economic returns. There formula: power consumption = charger output power / charger efficiency.

Figure shows, assuming the charger module total power 200kw, charging 10h per day, and load 50% , if the difference between the charging efficiency of 3%, please see as below:    93% efficiency: power consumption = 200Kw*10h/93%=2150 kw·h 96% efficiency: power consumption = 200Kw*10h/96%=2083 kw·h So, it saved 67 kw·h   Assumed electricity bill is 1 RMB / kw·h , you can get a year Saving and economic returns: Saving bills=67(kw·h)*365(Day)*1(RMB)=RMB24455(US$3989)  









654 (2).jpg












The Certification




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