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2019 EMS Fitness machine Electro Muscle Stimulation body training suit

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 Featured Product of March Expo 2020
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Guangzhou Taimei Hairdressing Beauty Equipments Factory

CN Manufacturer, Trading Company
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: S Body
Model Number: EMS fitness machines
Operation System: EMS
Type: Other
Feature: Cellulite Reduction,Detox,Pigmentation Correctors,Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Tightening,Weight Loss,Electro fitness, muscle training, body building
Category: 2019 EMS fitness machines
Product name: EMS Electro Training Vest with Machine
Technology: Advanced EMS Electro fitness
Keywords: EMS fitness machine body training suit
Machines: Wired EMS and Wireless EMS two software
EMS: Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Application: Gym,fitness Center, Sport Center, Training school, fitness club etc.
Feature: 2019 Trending fitness equipment
Advantage: Agent,dirstribuors hot sale machine
Service: OEM/ODM
Application: For Commercial &amp; Home Use
Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 86X54X35 cm
Single gross weight: 25 KG
Package Type: International Standand export package Guangzhou original Manufacturer 2019 EMS fitness machines
2019 Popular EMS fitness machine Electro Muscle Stimulation body training suit 

Our factory own research & development, own manufactured and selling the most advanced 

EMS electro fitness. 

                                Contact Person: Serena Peng 

                     (Skype:tm.merida, Whatsapp/Wechat:86-15989025809)

How does EMS working?

We are one of the leading companies in the field of highly effective  EMS training. 

When you wear our electro-stimulation suit all of your muscles are toned at once via thousands of stimuli, 
and therfore a 20 minutes session with our EMS technology equates to activate training of over 2 hours.

The electrical impulses are generated by the EMS unit and delivered through electrodes which sit near target muscles areas. The impulses cause your muscles to contract, stimulating a natural contraction stimulated by the brain.

Treatment Time:
Now, Time is money, 20 minutes is enough. 
20 Minutes of EMS training replace up to 2 hours of classic workout. 
One week 2-3 times. 

Indispensable tool in any gym moderno.100% inclusive: suitable for any age and physical condition. Completely safe:
Without overloading or risks. To retain and attract new customers
2019 Popular EMS Electro Fitness
Wired & Wireless in one system Gym  EMS Electrofitness machine:  MD-K11, max to 11 people training 


*15.6 inch Android System with APP 

*Wired Software: VIP Training for 1 people

*Wireless software: Group training system for 10 people 

*Two Software can working at the same time training 11 people 

*Display System: With Operation video

* Can make flash Logo 

* Change the language your want 

*Remote Control: Wireless stability contril technology, unlimited running range durning training 

*After sales service: Application update free 

*Original Manufacturer: Weclome OEM/ODM  * Connect TV

Recommend Products
Wireless EMS Model MD-K15

Wireless EMS Technology:

1. Wireless EMS Group Training Software (APP) , Tablet control,wireless transmission data(receiver's box).
2. Advanced software 
3.Up to 10 Users Training at the same time by one controller,also can adjust their parameter individually .
4.Each User can setting seperately 

5.Stronger singal, do not need net work, indoor and outdoor no limited 
5.Timer Function to count when the impluse transmitting or relaxing.                                       6.Unlimited Range

Wireless EMS Set:
* 1 tablet with APP for device manager 
* Wireless transimitte r
* 2 Wireless electro-stimulation device 
* EMS suits with cables with electrode pads 
*2 underclothing

Wireless EMS Advantage

1.The wireless EMS device lets the trainer carry out sessions indoors in a gym or in the

home or outdoors on the beach, in the countryside, a garden.etc. there are no spatial


2.In the past cables and wires were necessary to connect the user to the machine and

this hindered freedom of movement.

3.Enabling group and individual sessions to be directed from indoors or outdoors.

4.Merida wireless EMS can use it as an all-in-one tablet gym solution completing the

full-body workout session in just 20 minutes.

Compared to the traditional EMS technology, Sbody's computer system is only a slim tablet, which communicates with the hardware through an perfect bluetooth channel that creates the electric impulse on the speical EMS outfit.

Wired EMS Machines

Wired EMS Fitness Machines

Sbody wired devices are partly controlled by buttons and partly touch screen.                                                            If you push a button of a muscle group the stimulation stops immediately.
MD-K4: Vertical EMS+ EMA

It contains specially developed programs and settings (frequency, intensity levels, trainings length, speed, intervals, etc).

According to the needs of each client, choose between the following pre established programs, and may modify at any time the frequency, pulse length, delay or relaxation and contraction. In addition, and as a Novelty, the system incorporates Add Security, by which the Machine Works only with a card or a sensitive Code user. Avoid all the time that the equipment to be used by anyone not authorized. Essential in sports Centres, large rooms, Recovery, etc., in which different Professionals.

MD-K3: Touch Screen EMS bodytech

Wired Sbody EMS Body Tech:

*10.4 "touch screen, easy to use, setting the Independent contraction and relaxation times

for each Muscle Group and automatic time of 20 minutes for each treatment.
*Security Code
*Electrodes monitored activity
*Depth control pulse, time delay and frequency in Single mode
*5 preset Work Plans, in addition to manual mode
*5 user configurable Work Plans
*Exercise time and stop Automatic monitoring

EMS Training Suit
BIO body suit/BIO -vest /Jacket
Futuristic, convenient and efficient. Covers a large area of the body, allowing the electrical Impulses to reach most of the muscles.

Perfectly fits all sizes and morphologies.
Equipped with 24(20) individual silicon electrodes 

EMS Suit size:

1. XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL size can choose 

2. Compatible Merida's all EMS training machines 

3. Newest design: one piece uniform, easy to put on and take off 

Detailed Characteristis of suit

Latest generation, maximum resistance, Flash-line electrodes 
1.The flash-line electrodes are placed on the muscle groups provided on training clothing. They are attached via adhesive straps. 
2.20 electrodes zero resistance and high conductivity electrode

Transmission system:
1.Cables and electrodes are hidden in technical clothes, It provides safe and comfortable training.
2.The electrodes in the technical jacket and shorts are relocatable. The electrodes can be moved and put exactly on the right place on the muscle group.
3.Merida electrodes and underclothing are bio-compatible
4.Antagonist muscles (biceps-triceps, quadriceps-hamstrings) can be trained simultaneously

Adjustable straps to ensure better fastening and contact with the body during all exercise stages.

Benefit of ems fitness machine
Significantly reduces the Accumulated Fat, decreasing the diameter of Waist, HIPS AND THIGHS.
Increases, stabilizes and strengthens the chest, abdomen, back, Buttocks, etc.
Increases the volume and the definition of most of the muscles of the body.
Accelerate the blood flow, the Intercellular Exchange processes and Elimination of toxins.
Reduces the tissues and capilariza laxity of the skin, improving its appearance.
Toning exercises, enhances the activity of the body. Increases energy consumption and Metabolism. Designed for Women and Men in the phase of physical maintenance.

2.Anti cellulite 
The increased vascularity of the connective tissue rapid improve in the condition of the skin, reduces sagging and produces a gradual rejuvenation.

3. Firming 
Eliminates flaccidity and reaffirms the tissues and muscle fibers

Type specific Currents to improve the skin, sagging and localized FAT. Program focused on the consumption of calories.

For the training of Persons in need of Functional Recovery, Presence of pathologies or skeletal muscle aches or pains, correction of the figure. Advised to finish each Training. Antiestresante. Prevents contractures or tendinitis.

For more profound and Intense muscular activity. Recommended for regular Practitioners of Sports good, beginners or people who want a Quick increase of muscle mass.
Clients feedback

1. Are there any reasons why you should not use the EMS equipment?
The equipment must not be used by people with heart disease, pacemakers or other implanted electric devices, during pregnancy, with a predisposition to epileptic seizures or fitting.


2. Will I get wet during workout?

In order to ensure appropriate impulse transfer electrode surfaces need to be dampened for good contact between the machine and the customer.

3.Do I have to move or exercise during workout?
Yes,  augments the favourable effects of EMS workout as opposed to exercising alone.

4.Who holds the training sessions?
The Better recruit a qualified personal fitness trainers who help you perform the exercises correctly with the right body posture. They also demonstrate and perform the exercises with you, give advice on the right dietary regime and naturally

5.Can I eat immediately before workout?
In order to achieve an optimum workout effect you should consume high-carb food 2.5 to 3 hours before the session. You should not eat two hours before workout to avoid abdominal discomfort.

6.What and how much should I drink before workout?
Drink at least half a litre of water 30 to 40 minutes before workout to keep your body sufficiently hydrated. Sufficient fluid intake (2 to 3 litres per day) is an essential part of a proper dietary regime.

7. What should I bring with me for workout?
You find everything you need for the workout here, so all you need is to turn up!

8.Can I wear my own clothes, and if so, what should they be like?
You can if it is made of at least 95% cotton, is skin-tight, with long sleeves and legs.

9.Is 2x20-minute workout a week enough?
The weekly amount of workout recommended by EMS fitness machine is 2x20 minutes. Unless you do other exercises as well, 3 training sessions a week are allowed with at least a 48-hour rest period between the sessions.

10.Can I do more than 3 EMS fitness machine sessions a week?
It is not recommended as the high intensity of EMS sessions requires a 2 to 3-day regeneration period. It is important to have sufficient rest time as too little rest can produce symptoms of overexertion.

11.What is the difference between Merida EMS fitness machine and other muscle stimulators?
Most home use and other muscle stimulators are designed to be applied on passive muscles. During fitness sessions muscle stimulation is applied on active muscles, combined with a sequence of trainer-instructed exercises.

12. Will my muscles be stiff after the workout?
Muscle stiffness is the worst after the first workout session as Merida EMS fitness machine works on deep muscles that are hard to reach through normal training. However this will gradually disappear with regular training sessions. Muscle stiffness can last 2 to 3 days after the session and persists for a longer time than after a normal workout session.

13.Can I adjust the impulse depth, frequency and intensity during workout?
On Merida EMS fitness machines the impulse depth, frequency and intensity can be adjusted freely to personal needs depending on your body type, age, gender and level of fitness.

14.Is there also a weight loss programme within the setting options of the Merida EMS equipment?
The fat-burning effect does not occur directly. Workout intensity increases the metabolic rate and following a proper diet will automatically trigger weight loss and muscle toning.

15.Can the Merida Fitness equipment be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
It is not allowed to be used during pregnancy at all and is not recommended during breastfeeding.

16.When will I see visible results?

A “striking” change can only be achieved through a complex process. A healthy diet combined with 2 to 3 workout sessions per week will produce visible changes after 10 occasions.

17.To what extent does the Merida EMS fitness machine training strain our joints?
The EMS fitness machine training is completely easy on joints.

18.What age group is this type of workout recommended for?
EMS fitness machine training is recommended for everyone, regardless of age and gender. Our distributor feedback they have customers over 50, who can keep perfectly fit with the sessions.  also have young mothers who we help with rehabilitation after giving birth. There are also several active athletes among our clients, who tell us that we help them improve performance, increase speed, shape their muscles and enhance dynamics. Most people, however, only want to look better and improve their fitness - something they can all achieve with us.