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Magbox HD-3240 Video HD Satellite Finder-AHD Camera Tester

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Brand Name: MAGBOX
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: 15154
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Product Description

Magbox HD-3240 Video HD Satellite Finder-AHD Camera Tester

The Magbox HD 3240 satellite finder is a test device that allows us to find the satellite signal needed to adjust the dish antenna. The colored LCD screen is the ideal camera tester for setting the angle of the cameras with AV input capability, while allowing you to watch the radio and TV program of the signal you  find . The device with LNB short-circuit protection is capable of automatic scan / blind scanning, while the LEDs that illuminate the backlight of the display are LEDs, which provides low energy consumption.

The device, capable of capturing images from all cameras with digital and full HD capability, seamlessly supports AHD / CVI / TVI CCTV systems. The unit has one DC12V output for 12V powered cameras.

Magbox HD-3240 Video HD Satellite Finder-AHD Camera Tester is a satellite direction finder that allows you to find the satellite signal needed to adjust the dish antenna. At the same time, the camera tester is featured and can capture images from all cameras with digital and full HD capability. 

Interface introduction

LNB IN: Satellite Receiver Input
LCD Display
Warning Lights: 13V, 18V, 22K, Lock, Power
Lithium Battery
RS232: Software Update
DC Input: Satellite Finder's Dc13.5v Power Input
DC Output: DC12v Power Output for Cctv Cameras
USB: For Software Update
HDMI Output: HDMI Output
AV Output: Tv Video Output
AHD Input: Ahd Analog Camera Input

Power On / Off

[ON / OFF] Pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds switches the device on and off.

Introduction to menu and functions

The main menu consists of 7 submenus as shown below.
 Spectrum: Feedback frequency of signal frequency and quality of TP frequency
Installation: Includes antenna settings, Engine setting, Satellite TTP setting, Automatic DIMSEQC Control.
Other Actions: Includes game and recording menus.
Channel: Includes editing and slimming of TV and Radio programs.
Media: Multimedia Playback
Calculation: Calculation of satellite angle
Settings: System setting

Satallite Finder

Users can test the parameters such as satellite signal strength and quality, NIT, C / N, BER, MER, FEC by pressing [FIND] key and logging into the satellite finder menu.


Users can enter the spectrum menu by pressing the [Spectrum] button. Thanks to the spectrum graph, they can easily see how strong or weak the quality of the satellite installation is by seeing the power of each frequency of the satellite signal.

Satallite Diagram

Users Press the [CONS] button to enter the Satellite Diagram menu. The scatter information in the diagram allows you to analyze the accuracy of the signal status.

Angle Calculation

Enter to the calculation menu and enter the correct satellite, your local latitude and longitude, and press the [Arrow] key. With Azimuth, Height and Polarity information, you can easily adjust the direction and angle of your dish antenna.


[Setup] menu and use [UP / DOWN] keys to move to the desired item in the menu: Antenna, Engine setting, Satellite setting, Tp adjustment, Tp control and Auto DIGITAL menu and press the [OK] key.

TP Control

The TP Control menu displays four main parameters that you should not test before setting the dish, such as LNB type, frequency, symbol rate, horizontal and vertical polarizations. After confirming that the parameters are correctly entered, the satellite dish antenna is set up.


1. Select the correct satellite and edit the TP. TP_XX indicates the first X where the polarization voltage is H or V, meaning the first "X" ... The second X indicates "H" subtitles and upper tapes. Start the TP control function.
2. Control the TP information. From the menu screen users can test the signal strength and quality and easily go to the dish antenna setup.

Automatic DiSEqC

The automatic DiSEqC function allows us to test each incoming cable signal in multi-dish systems. The device supports DiSEqC1.0, DiSEqC1.1 and 1.0 / 1.1 systems.

Automatic DiSEqC 1.0 Setting:

1. DiSEqC 1.0 "Auto" setting
2. DiSEqC 1.1 "OFF" setting
3. Select User customizations.
4. LNB setting
5. Press the [OK] key and start the Auto DiSEqC setting.
6. After scanning, users can specify the satellite names according to the DiSEqC ports to which the dishes are connected.

Automatic DiSEqC 1.1 Setting:

1. DiSEqC 1.0 "AUTO NOT" setting
2. All ports are set to "OFF"
3. DiSEqC 1.1 "AUTO" automatic switch
4. DiSEqC1.0 recommended setting

New Magbox AHD camera tester , Analog camera tester , Camera tester is a quality camera tester which has entered the industry very fast . This product in Magbox production is a camera test monitor which is very suitable for ergonomic structure and functional purposes with very useful features .

Games and Registration

Game and Recording menus can be accessed by pressing [Up / Down / Left / Right] and [OK].

Program Editing

These menus are the editing and deletion of recorded TV and Radio programs. [Up / Down / Left / Right] and [OK]], [Exit] buttons are used to enter and exit the menu.

System Setting

This menu contains the personal system settings and system information. The editing is done with the UP / DOWN keys and the RIGHT / LEFT keys.

Multimedia Playback

In addition to your video, music and picture files in your USB flash memory, you can also play back your recorded images on your device.

AHD and External Video Function

An AHD camera connected to the 12V power output must be connected for the AHD function. The image of the connected camera is viewed from the screen of the device.

1. For the AHD Camera connection, please use the original DC cable.
Connect one end to the camera and one end to the DC outlet of the device.
2. Please use an original AV cable for AHD connection.
Connect one end to the camera and one end to the AV input of the device.
3. Turn on your device and enter the AHD mode by pressing the [AHD] key.
You will see that your camera image is on the device's screen and you can adjust the camera angle.

Note: The power output is maximum 12V and 0.8A. If the power of the camera is too high, do not use 12V output and avoid possible camera and device damage.

Program Signal

Signal strength, quality, PWR, FEC and BER values are shown.

After scanning, press [Exit] to exit the entire menu and enter full screen video mode Press [F4] key to display the channel information .The [F4] key will display the signal strength and quality on the screen [Exit]

Software Update

Update your device with new software, resolve problems, discover new features.
1. Transfer the update file to your USB Flash memory and plug it into the USB port
2. In the [ Upgrade] menu, find the correct software by entering the USB Flash memory submenu, press the [OK] key to start the update process.
3. Update type: Select [USB].
Update block: Select [ALL]
File Update: Press the [OK] key to select the correct update file.
4. Start the update: After the update is complete, the device will automatically turn off and on again.


The display will light up when you press the [LAMP] key while the unit is on.

External Television

With HDMI cable you can use your satellite finder as a satellite receiver and receive HD video from your TV.

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