Dr. Scabies Permethrin Cream Alternative Permethrin Alternative Natural Home Scabies Treatment also for Lice, Bug bites and more

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Dr Natural Solutions Inc

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Port: Savannah, Georgia (Warehouse location)
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Type: Homeopathic
Function: Scabies Treatment
Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Dr. Scabies
Dosage Form: Medicated Soap/Topical Cream/Bath Soak
Sulfur strength: 8X HPUS, 12X HPUS
Size: soap - 4 oz/ cream 2 oz/ bath solution 15ml
Delivery Detail: Standard: 4-6 business days, Express: 3-4 business days
Scabies mites are extremely difficult to kill and prescription drugs such as Permethrin cream pose great health risks to the user. Scabies patients constantly look for safe and effective permethrin alternative that can kill both eggs & mites.

If I caught your attention, we are on the same page now.

You are looking for a brand/solution that offers buyers, retailers,  and distributors a vibrant, healthy and sustainable business opportunity backed up by industry experts sharing their knowledge and advice in strenghtening can kill the mites but also completely destroys the scabies eggs.

Here are some facts before you decide to purchase this product:

1. Those were good days when permethrin cream were able kill the mites or the scabies eggs
2. That was decades ago as now scabies eggs have become immune to permethrin cream
3. Permethrin is neurotoxin, that means it's a poison.  It may kill the mites on surface but CANNOT kill the EGGS
4. 99% of customers were treated with Dr.Scabies
5. Dr.Scabies kills the scabies mites 'everytime' but also kills the eggs 'EVERYTIME'
6. It's extremely important that you use every arsenal to fight this battle against scabies


This Listing is for those people who are ready to take their business to the next level.  Dr. Scabies is top rated natural scabies relief which contains highest FDA allowable ingredients to stop your itchiness immediately, formulated for rapid eradication, and it is not a TOXIC treatments like permethrin.   

It is a quick and safe treatment, doctor's recommended.   Build your business and STOP the NIGHTMARE today!  Expedited delivery options available, ships out the same day and thousands of happy customers worldwide!

DR.SCABIES Proprietary Formulated/Concentrated Treatment Cream  (8X Strength)
 4 OZ Homeopathic DR.SCABIES Proprietary Formulated/Concentrated Treatment Liquid Soap (8X Strength)
15ml Homeopathic DR.SCABIES Proprietary Formulated/Concentrated Bath Solution (12X Strength)




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Whether you prefer to do business online, in stores, in person or at social events, you can become a DR. SCABIES® Partner. All Dr. Scabies distributors are considered our “Partners” and we work closely with them through our dedicated account managers to ensure their needs are taken care of. To become a DR. SCABIES® Partner, we would require your paperwork completed prior to setting up your account and shipping your first order.


Link to application forms: www.drscabies.com/distributions





Q: I have already used Permethrin cream on multiple occasions for the last few weeks and I am being re-infested all the time!!!! 
A:  Dr. Scabies customers are mainly patients who have 'already' visited home doctors who were offered permethrin cream but surely they haven't been able to completely get rid of the scabies mites or core problem of scabies eggs still being burrowed under the skin which activates the spreading and re-infestation.  Single egg can spread into hundreds. 
Q: Permethrin cream does not seem to work or any other products on eBay?
A:  First of all, Permethrin cream is not strong enough to kill 'today's' scabies mites and eggs. That was a once upon a time deal.  Secondly, these cream sold on ebay are mostly imported products such as
from India or Pakistan that is not cGMP compliant.  Most of these customers are simply waiting money on either the expired unsold stock tubes from India/Pakistan/China, or simply non-working permethrin
How does Dr.Scabies work?
1. Dr. Scabies proprietary formula is a proprietary formula that is combined with highest FDA allowable homeopathic concentration that contins sulfur with 100% essential oils such as that penetrate into the skin more rapidly than any other formulas out there.  It actually suffocates the mites, soothes the itchness, and protects the skin where permethrin destroys the skin that become long term scar.
2. Dr. Scabies Liquid soap which is mainly used in the morning & evening shower. It will kill the living mites on skin and reduce them significantly.  Wet yourself with lukewarm/cold water first, and thoroughly use scabies soap, lather it up from head to toe and then rinse with water.
3. Using a tub/bucket/basin, mix water with Dr. Scabies Bath Solution and soak the entire body for 20 minutes. If tub is not available, use a bucket or basin to mix water and Dr. Scabies bath solution, then sponge the entire body and leave it for 20 minutes. Leave it on to air dry. Do not rinse, it will give the body an added protection by acting as repellent.
4. Apply the cream on affected areas 3-4 times daily or as necessary. This is a very important process as the cream will deeply penetrate into the skin to completely suffocate and kill the scabies eggs.  Apply the cream after bath.
5. Make sure, wash all the clothes, towels, beddings using any detergent in hot water and then run it on the hot cycle of dryer to ensure all the mites and eggs are dead.
6. Treat all family members exposed to scabies.


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Handling time: 1-2 days after payment is completed

Distribution center location: Savannah, Georgia USA


NOTE: Shipping fee will be calculated by after receiving the completed Order Form.  Shipments will be sent by ground transportation unless otherwise specified. International orders are also accepted. We ship domestically in Canada and Australia as well.


Should you have questions about the product feel free to call us at 1-844-SCABIES (722-2437) ext. 101 and look for Hazel. Business hours: 9AM - 6PM PST. Visit us at www.drscabies.com


Link to application forms: www.drscabies.com/distributions