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high grade bentonite api

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Model Number: HY series water-based bentonite
Appearance: powder
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HY series water-based bentonite Theological additives (inorganic gel) is a kind of natural aluminum,magnesium silicate, rheological additives. It is a purificalion of modified montmorillonite clay with the features of gray-white, non-toxic, tasteless, soft texture powder, the main ingredient for the product is hydrophilic, high-purity (modified) montmorillonite, its colloidal system is similar to Vanderbilt and Colloid Company's Veegum or Magnabrite products. With excellent swellability in water, colloidaldispersion, suspensien, thickening and thixotropy, it is the excellent anti-settling agent, emulsion stabilizers and rheological additives for water-based system, and further it has good adsorption, ion exchangeability, non-migration adhesion, etc. In some areas, it is becoming an excellent assistant new type of alternative materials.


Applied IndustriesFunctions
Waterborne coatings,inks,latex paint,rubber,paper,diatom mud,pesticidesUsed as a thixotropic agent for suspension and paste, a emulsion stabilizers,thickeners
The pharmaceutical industry, the feed industry,cosmetics,toothpasteUsed as a drug binder and stabiizer;feed additives; a thixotropic agent, thickener and stabilizer for emulsion
Specoalty foundry coating, cement mortar and a variety of ceramic glaze paintUsed as a suspending, thixotropic agent for the base material


The performance of the products in many respects are superior to separate organic polymer such as CMC, HEC.

Main Products:HY-30C, HY-30E, HY-30EV, HY-EW-2, HY-30 lithium-based
The product has the following characteristics:
1. Strong thixotropy: high shear with low viscosity, low shear with high viscosity, thixotropic index is 6.0
2. Wide PH range: within PH5-12 play a thickening function.
3. Easy dispersion: without process for the preparation of the pre-gel, without a polar activator.
4. Stability: superior biochemistry stability, goad thermal stability.
5. Compatibility: good compatibility with alcohols and highly polar solvents [such as glycerin, sorbitol).
6. Economical Efficiency: it will reduce the cost when using the product alone.Mixed with the cellulose aether,acrylic acid will improve the rhealogical property,and reduce the costs at the same time!

HY Series bentonite rheological additives( inorganic gel) quality indicators

ProductsAppearanceWhitenessPH Value

Surface Viscosity

Heavy metal content (PPM)
Montmorillonite content(%)≥
HY-30CGray Powder>756.5-10.5>250<10<0.3<0.180
HY-30EGray Powder>756.5-10.5>20085
HY-30EVGray Powder>756.5-10.5>50085
HY-EW-2Gray Powder>806.5-10.5>80090

HY-30 lithium-based

Gray Powder>806.5-10.5>20085

Attention: Recommended viscosity test method: al the temperature of 25°C, make a pre-gel (the amount of bentaniie }s 50% of the whole system) stand it for 60 minutes, test the viscosily wcth a Brookfield DV II viscometer with the rotor #6,100r/min.!

Main chemical ingredients(%)


Use method:

(1)pre-gel method:
The HY series bentonite (inorganic gel) rheological additives could be used as pre-gel:The preparation of a pre-gel concentration should be decided according to the desired viscosity level of the stirring speed and the product of the dispersing device in order to obtain the best results.Generally
speaking, 2-10% (mass percentage of the whole system).Weigh a certain amount of the product under stirring slowly added to water of 25- 30°C Note avoid caking. After the addition, adjust the speed to 1000-1200RPM, and disperse it by stirring for 30 minutes, so that products can sufficiently dispersed into the water and form a uniform gel, stand it for 8-24 hours, and use it after the colloidal plays stabilized thickening effect.
(2] Dry pawder method:
HY Series bentonite rheological additives (inorganic gel) can be directly put into required system as dry powder.Formulated concentration of the system should be decided according to the needs of the various indicators of the stirring speed and the dispersing device (viscosity level, thixotropy, etc.) in.


(1)HY series inorganic gel will take effect under the condition of dispersing enough.It will increase the function of thickening, anti settling,thixortapy of the gel is proper stored Surface activator,diatomic alcohol will disturb the hydration,it should be added after HY Series
dispersed mouth!
(2)HY series in organic gel can be used alone or mixing with thickening agent such as carboxyrnethyl cellulose,hydroxy ethyl cell close,CMHPC,which will acquire best rheological property.It has been found that this kind of product should avoid mixing with the polyurethane thickening agent.



Packaging & Shipping



Package and storage: 

The package consists of external package(kraft paper bag)and internal package(polyethylene film bag).The value bag is also available and the weight is usually 25 ± 0.25Kg.The package can also be customized. If stored in dry place and kept packaged(at the temperature of 0°C-3 0 °C),the organic bentonite is effective within 36 months.