$0.75 - $6.50
Min. Order : 10 Carats

" 9X11mm Cushion Cut Natural AFRICAN AMETHYST " Wholesale Factory Price High Quality Faceted Loose Gemstone Per Carat

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Port: Jaipur , Mumbai , New Delhi
Payment Terms: T/T,paypal
Supply Ability: 2000 Piece/Pieces per Week
After Sale Services: Complete Customer Satisfaction
Place of Origin: Zambia, Southern Africa
Gemstone Color: Deep "Ink Purple" To Light
Gemstone Weight: 4.25 Carat Per Piece (Approx)
Gemstone Type: Natural
Customization: Available On Request
Gemstone Material: Quartz
Product Name: Natural African Amethyst Gemstone
Polishing: Fine Polished
Treatments Applied: Natural
Gemstone Size: 9X11mm
Model Number: AFCS9.11
Gemstone Shape: Cushion Cut
Gemstone Certificate: Available On Request
Advantage: Quality Checked Gemstones
Quality: " AAA+ TO A+ " As Per Requirement
Item Height: As Per Size
Hole Diameter: 9X11mm
Shapes and Sizes: All Shapes & Sizes Available
Optical Special Effects: None
Application: Jewelry Making
Certificate Type: IGI
Colours Availability: Dark Ink Purple To Light Ink Purple
Packaging Detail: Tin Box Safe Packaging Plastic Pouches with Gems are carefully bubble and placed in cushioned Tin Box. The tin box is then wrapped in handloom cloth with parcel tape. This protect gemstone from scratching or Breakages during transportation.
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Products Description
African Amethyst Cushion Cut 9X11mm
Natural Gemstone
0.75 - 6.50 $
10 Carats
African Amethyst, the rich variety of quartz, was once so rare that it was classified as one of the precious gems.

African amethyst is sufficiently durable and can be worn with conviction without worry. Earrings, rings or a lovely pendant,necklace or other jewelry made from African amethyst looks very beautiful and charming. You can enhance your jewelry ensemble byadding some accessories made by African amethyst. African amethyst will help for your over-all growth whether it is spiritual growth, mental growth or physical growth..

A ink blue to purple variety of quartz, African Amethyst is a semi – precious yet popular gemstone. If it were not for its abundance in nature, African Amethyst would be very expensive. Its royal color makes it desirable and can be compared to the most expensive of purple crystals. So if you want a gem that is easy on your pocket and yet glamorous, African Amethyst is the perfect choice. That amethyst is sufficiently durable and can be worn confidently without worry. It does not break easily due to absence of cleavage planes. African Amethyst is the trendiest purple gemstone. Its distinctive color complements almost any complexion and wardrobe.

ORIGIN: The large deposits of African Amethyst were discovered in southern Africa. Today the finest amethyst comes from Zambia in Africa.
FORMATION: African Amethyst is produced in abundance where it occurs in large geodes within volcanic rocks.
COLOR: Natural African Amethyst is Deep ink blue or purple to light in color to intense royal purple mauve and violet.
CUT: Baguette, Emerald, Heart, Marquise, Oval, Oval Cabochon, Pear, Round, Round Cabochon, Square cuts. But more offbeat fancy shapes such as the trillion cuts are coming on strong.
USAGE: Earrings, pendants and any other jewellery, Beads jewellery.
BIRTHSTONE: Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February & the anniversary gemstone for the 6th year of marriage.
WHAT WE SUPPLY: Best quality Natural African Amethyst in above mentioned Cuts are AAA+ grade. We can also supply AA+ and A+ grade, and all three colors which is AF-1, AF-2, AF-3 It will be lighter in color to AF-1 and cheaper.

Available Colours & Quality
More Available Shapes
We can also make all customise shapes as per our customer requirements, like Asscher, Triangle, Hexagon, Cubes, Kites,  Slices etc.
And we always welcome new designed shapes order by customers...
More Available Sizes
We can also make all customise sizes as per our customer requirements. 
And we always welcome new designed sizes order by customers...
More Available Cuttings
Concave cut is also named by 'Laser cut', which is a very popular cutting and planted by most skilled craftsmen. After it is planted, this cutting gives a extremes luster of any gemstones, but this cutting takes extra weight loss and high cost of planting. This makes the gem slightly more expensive than other gemstones after this cut...
It is a very common popular cutting, in which the same type of cutting is applied on both sides of the gemstone, which gives a almond shape after the formation of the cutting. Gemstone is seen from both sides with the same type, it is called briolette, and this cutting can be applied in all types of shapes...
Like, by whose name you can understand, Diamond cut is applied mostly in the original diamonds. Which is known for its own sharpness and high standards. But it can be applied in other gemstones also, which very much flawless Luster provides to the gemstone. It is used in much of the round shaped gemstones...
The most notable features of a rose cut gemstones are their flat back and domed top covered in triangular facets. The number of these facets can vary from as few as 3 up to as many as 24, which terminate at the very top in a single apex. This is where the term “rose” from its name originates; It’s facets are said to resemble the petals unfolding in a rose bud...
Checkerboard cut is a very popular cutting inspired by the chess board mines that are placed on the upper part of the gemstone in such a way that it looks like the chess mines and the regular cutting on the lower part. after the whole gemstone is ready, it will make the gemstone more fancy and high luster. It can also be used in all types of gemstones...
Princess cut is a type of diamond cutting which is also known as Radiant cut. This cutting for most is applied on angulate shaped gemstones such as Baguette, square, octagon, hexagon, triangle etc. This cutting is also very much like diamond cutting. Provides shine and high luster in the gemstone. it is most used in Square Shaped Gemstones...
Cabochon is a very old and traditional shape of gemstones in which there is no cutting anywhere on the gemstone, but it is only polished from all around with fine shaped. After its formation and polishing, the gemstone looks very shiny and transparent. In our factory only hand artisans and equipment's are used in cabochon production which is the best method of making cabochons...
Buff-Top cut is a perfect combination of cabochon and other types of cutting that are applied in such a way that only plain polished are placed on the upper part of the gemstone and any other type of cutting is used on the other side. after this cutting, gemstone made much more transparent from the upper part. This is a very good mixing of traditional cabochon and modern cuttings...
Carvings is a very traditional type of cutting which requires high experience and skilled artisan, to plant this cutting. There is no limit to this cutting, this cutting can be same in many gemstones and Sometimes different types of cuttings can also be applied in one gemstone. So it is a very traditional cutting methods Which is mostly applied on high valued gemstones...
We can also plant all customise cuttings in gemstones as per our customer requirements, because we have many traditional artisans and required machines in our factory. we are expert in planting all kinds of cuttings. so we always welcome new designed cuttings orders by customers...
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Q. What is a carat? Ans: Gemstone weight is measured in units of the "carat." One carat is 0.2 grams. Q. Can you offer us OEM and ODM ? Ans: Yes, we can make your unique design based on your detailed requirement with OEM or ODM services. Q. Do you Ship Worldwide ? Ans: Yes. We ship worldwide. Q. What are your terms of delivery? Ans: EXW(Ex Works) , FOB(Free on Board) , CIF(Cost Insurance freight) Q. Is Shipping Included in the price ? Ans: No, Prices mentioned are FOB prices only. Shipping charges will be additional. Q. What are your terms of payment? Ans: 50% as deposit, and rest 50% before delivery. We'll give updates of your production progress through photos of the products at all stages and packages before requesting balance payment. Q. Is the description of size that you have shown, is accurate ? Ans: yes this is accurate, but it is based on international standards, which is (+-.20mm)above 3mm sizes and (+-.10mm)bilow 3mm sizes Q. Are true color shown in the images? Ans: Yes, the showcased images are in true colors. However, depending on the resolution of your device's screen, there might be slight variation in the color of the actual product. we use our own product photos only. Q. What is your return policy? Ans: Return policy is applicable on manufacturing defects only. For more information, kindly get in touch with us through our official e-mail or alibaba messenger. Q. why your price is so low ? Ans. Because we buy our raw material directly from the mines at a reasonable price and it is produced in our factory under one roof from beginning to end, Which greatly reduces our cost. Q. Do you also make imitation and synthetic gemstones ? Ans. No , We make 100% Natural and Genuine gemstones only.... Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for any other information. Email :- sunshine.jaipurgems@gmail.com Thankyou For Choosing US