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Superior Quality Instant Loss Weight Burn Fat Flat Tummy Slimming Tea Detox

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Port: Ningbo
Payment Terms: L/C,Western Union,D/P,T/T
Supply Ability: 50000 Bag/Bags per Day
Usage: Daily Drink
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China
Size: 2g*12pcs
Color: Brown
Ingredients: 100 % Natural
Model Number: Bai Ye Zun Sheng-1
Main Ingredient: tea
Flavor: original tea flavor
Certification: ISO,QS
Brand Name: Bai Ye Zun Sheng
Volume (L): 0.002
Type: Healthy Food
Contents: tea
Alcohol Content (%): 0
Product Type: Beverage
Product name: Drink
Packaging: Box
Taste: Tasteless
Shelf Life: 24 month
Age: Infants,Adults,Old-Aged
Hangzhou Gaochun Tea Pigment Co., Ltd.
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Product Description
Bai Ye Zun Sheng


Bai Ye Zun Sheng®Solid instant tea is a solid instant tea drink with tea pigment as the main component.

Bai Ye Zun Sheng® can condition health with cleaning blood vessel and reducing blood fat in daily drink.
As we all know, tea is a traditional Chinese drink and a treasure of traditional Chinese medicine. From the legend that Shennongtasted herbs to the imperial tea cream prepared by the royal family in the Qing Dynasty for health care, the effect of tea in healing the body can stand the test of history.
In modern and contemporary times, British biologist Robert S. discovered the tea pigment in tea. In the 1990s, Chinese scientists confirmed its medicinal value. Tea pigment is a precious effective component in tea. It can promote blood microcirculation, penetrate blood-brain barrier, accelerate metabolism of garbage toxin in human body, so it has a broad-spectrum health care function, such as reducing blood fat, relieving gout, protecting liver and kidney function, detoxifying alcohol, nourishing stomach, relieving gastric ulcer and relieving female dysmenorrhea.
The principle of tea pigment in relievingdysmenorrhea, explained from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, is to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Some dysmenorrhea women have uterine cold, leading to stagnation of Qi and blood, and pain is blocked. 30 minutes after drinking tea pigment, tea pigment can enter the blood, promote microcirculation, speed up blood flow, and then relieve pain. From the micro perspective of Western medicine, dysmenorrhea is caused by PGF2 α and other inflammatory factors released by prostaglandins promote the continuous contraction of the uterus, cutting off the blood and oxygen supply of surrounding tissues,resulting in local ischemia and hypoxia, which will lead to acid metabolites in the muscle layer of the uterus, stimulate nerve endings, and produce pain. When tea pigment enters the human body, it accelerates blood microcirculation, increases local oxygen supply, neutralizes acid metabolites and relieves pain within 30 minutes.
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Q: What is tea pigment?
A: Tea pigment is a trace amount of a healthy substance with strong activity extracted from tea. Because of its magical effect and no side effects, it has been fully recognized and confirmed by the medical community in a very short time.Tea pigments are formed by derivatization and polymerization of polyphenol catechins in tea. The molecular structure of catechins maintains the core characteristics of catechins, but its medicinal and health values ​​are higher, safer and more stable than tea polyphenols. Tea pigment is also a complex, which is composed of theaflavins, thearubicins, and thearfuscins. Among them, theafucin is the most stable and has the largest molecular weight. Tea pigment is weakly alkaline, and its weak alkaline is one of the reasons why it can treat gout. Tea pigment is very stable in the air, and it also has a sterilizing effect. It can regulate trace elements in the body, balance the nutrition of the body, and strengthen the immune system.
Q: What are the adjustable aspects of tea pigments? A:Main direction of conditioning: 1. Improve microcirculation 2. Improve immunity 3. Hyperlipidemia 4. High blood sugar 5. High blood pressure 6. Gout 7. Conserve the gastrointestinal tract Secondary conditioning direction: 1. Whitening and firming the skin 2. Hangover and protect liver 3. Lose weight and lower fat 4. Kidney function maintenance 5. Prostate care 6. Increase in white blood cells in cancer patients during chemotherapy 7. Endocrine regulation Q: What is the mechanism of tea pigment?
A: The evaluation of tea pigments in health medicine can reveal its potential. Tea pigment is derived from the health drink-tea, and in many aspects, tea pigment opens up the health care mechanism and regulates various diseases. The "one product, multiple functions" of tea pigments has temporarily become a compound effect.Tea pigment can regulate a variety of diseases through a single mechanism of regulating blood lipid metabolism and exert a compound effect.

Q: Is there any clinical trial basis for the functionality of tea pigments?
A: There are 200,000 cases of clinical data verification. The clinical data study of tea pigments, as a national-level scientific research project, has exceeded 200,000 observations over the years. There are 43 types of diseases involved, and more than 1,000 research papers from 29 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions have been collected. The number of reported cases in the paper exceeds 100,000. Such a large-scale and large sample of data and data is the first in the world for the observation of the efficacy of a single drink, and it is rare in the world.The clinical application of tea pigment as a national "Ninth Five-Year Plan" medical science and technology research project [1035 project], the Chinese Medical Association [Key Promotion Project] project, which lasted 10 years, the state invested heavily, 2,000 top three hospitals, 20,000 clinicians Li has collected rich and precious clinical data of 10,000 cases, which is included in the "Chinese Tea Pigment Clinical Research Paper Album".