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China Factory Direct Sale Professional Production Anti-Static Hair Massage Comb Brush For Women And Men

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Function: Pass meridians, regulate Qi and blood, Qi and blood pass
Type: massage comb
Place of Origin: China
Product Name: Massage comb
Features: Regulate Qi and Blood
place of origin: China
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Application: Head
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Detailed specifications:

[Origin]: Shandong
[Material]: Bianstone
[Specifications]: length 101mm width 59mm thickness 6mm, length 70mm width40mm thickness 7mm
[Function]: It is often used for activating blood and dredging collaterals on the head, lifting the face, detoxifying the lymphatics, scraping the back and limbs, using the Bianstone comb to stimulate the meridians, thereby regulating the physical condition, and achieving health care anytime, anywhere.

Plate teeth: used for dredging the meridians of the head, promoting qi and blood, and improving gray hair and hair loss.
Board surface: It is used to rub the skin on the surface of the body, which has the function of dispelling knots, soothing pain, and relieving muscles and blood.
Banyan: It is used for whole body scraping without scraping oil, which can clear the meridians and eliminate toxins.
Concave plate: used to scrape the mandible to lift the face.



Selling point exclusive maintenance for the brains-easy to carry with you
Material Bianstone
Purpose pass the meridians, regulate qi and blood, and promote qi and blood-Yang Qi! Use the exclusive tool Siyue comb to act on the meridians of the head, open up the clogged qi knots in the meridians, and prevent the meridians from being blocked. Use the exclusive comb to unblock the blood, expel wind and dampness, nourish the scalp and consolidate the hair roots.
Functions use the brain for exclusive maintenance-the most important things are urgent. Decompression and sleep aid, comb the meridians, remove depression and blockage, prevent hair loss and headache






Anytime, anywhere
Start a new life of health
Massage and relax anytime

Office workers-dizzy and dizzy when watching the computer for a long time, eyesight fatigue
Use the Bianstone comb to massage your scalp and scratch your eyes.Can relieve dizziness, headache, fatigue
Students-long reading time, dry eyes and tired eyes
Use the Bianstone comb to touch the eye area
Can relieve eyesight fatigue
Sit for a long time and stand for a long time-the blood is not clear, the body is sore
Use the Bianstone comb to scratch the painful area
Can unblock the blood and relieve pain
Elderly-backache, leg pain, joint painTap and scrape the body with the Bianstone comb Can dredge the meridians,accelerate the circulation of Qi and blood


It is recorded in Huangdi Neijing that the five medical techniques of China coexist with acupuncture, acupuncture, moxibustion, medicine and guide and stick, the first of the five doctors and the mother of acupuncture and moxibustion. As described in huang Di's Canon of Internal Medicine, Su Wen, and The Whole Form of His Precious Life, "Bian stone size". Here the stone needle means bitter satire. However, as stated in the Huangdi Neijing, Plain Question and Different Methods, "The eastern region... Their cures will be bitter stones ". Here the stone needle means bian. Modern times call it stone needle therapy. The bian-stone therapy has warm Yang qi and dredges the channels and collaterals. Chase cold clearing damp, remove stasis and relieve pain; Latent Yang tranquilize the mind, stop the palpitation to settle the function. The medical rationale for using cynicism for health care is: For the purpose of meridian meridian theory of TCM, not oral, do not Pierce the skin, no medium, can operate directly on the skin, also can be separated by cotton fabric, on the premise of no pain using "feeling, pressing, rolling, brush, stings, and knock, scraping, pat, kneading, vibration, pull, warm, cold, smell, developments, chop, take, tie up, pushing, electrothermal" 21st method (span the 21st), give full play to the stone needle biophysical characteristics and the role of "invisible needle", the external treatment, to dredge meridian regulate qi and blood as a fundamental, exclusion of meridian qi and blood running, especially in deep skin pathological product of meridians, severely, In a short time to greatly alleviate the clinical symptoms, to achieve the goal of recovery. In the heart and cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, neck, shoulder, waist, leg disease, and to the vast population of sub-health state long-term use will achieve the effect of health care. See he span, 18 years to focus on the traditional Chinese medicine physical therapy equipment research and development, production and sales, is the founding stone needle industry enterprise, is also the stone needle span standards drafting unit, for a better span founded the China council for the promotion of research of traditional Chinese medicine massage branch of scrapping the span technique training batch mass TCM rehabilitation nursing professional services, has produced various span of traditional Chinese medicine into the country each big pharmacy sales people, all over the country more than 200 healthy club and rehabilitation therapy agencies to use our product and project send health, to love the friends of preserve one's health, we deemed it its duty to carry forward the culture spread of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine techniques.







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