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Nitrogen generator PSA for wine production beer snacks juice sauce drinks fruits corns grains apple vegetable storage control

Quick Details

Port: Tianjin
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Month
Condition: New
Production Rate: 0.6kwh/m3 N2
Usage: Nitrogen
Warranty: 18 Months
Place of Origin: Beijing China
Color: White, , customizable
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Dimension(L*W*H): Per model
Showroom Location: United States,Viet Nam,Philippines,Brazil,Indonesia,Pakistan,India,Russia,Kenya,Argentina,South Korea,UAE,Bangladesh,South Africa,Kazakhstan,Ukraine,Nigeria,Uzbekistan,Australia
Certification: ISO, CE, BV, ASME, PED, GHOST, UL
Weight: Per design
Brand Name: CANGAS
Power consumption: Energy saving
Key Selling Points: Remote Control
Applicable Industries: Hotels,Building Material Shops,Manufacturing Plant,Machinery Repair Shops,Food & Beverage Factory,Farms,Restaurant,Home Use,Retail,Food Shop,Construction works ,Energy & Mining,Food & Beverage Shops
Technology: Pressure Swing Adsorbtion (PSA)
Nitrogen Capacity: 1~3000 Nm3/h, customizable
Nitrogen Delivery pressure: 0 ~ 50 Mpa, customizable
Nitrogen purity: 95~99.9999%, customizable
Voltage: 220V/380V/440V
Local Service Location: United States,Philippines,Brazil,Indonesia,Russia,Argentina,Bangladesh,Kazakhstan
Nitrogen Dew point: -120℃ ~ -40℃, customizable
Application: Food, wine, drinks & edible oil production
Accessaries: Available
Packaging Detail: Standard export wooden case
Can Gas Systems Company Limited
Manufacturer, Trading Company
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Nitrogen generator PSA for wine production beer snacks juice sauce drinks fruits corns grains apple vegetable storage control PURGING AND SEALING


Application fields
        CANGAS PSA nitrogen generators provides a clean nitrogen blanket to wine. It prevents the growth of bacteria and preserve better freshness with fermentation control and odor suppress.
      Now nitrogen packaging is a trend for food industry to prevent food products spoilage, preserve freshness, maintain flavor and exends shelf life.
Company Information


    CANGAS Systems Company Limited, identified as the Beijing Key High-Tech Corporation, is one of the initial companies involved in air separation industry. CANGAS is committed to continuously providing core value to customers in all industries. With production base of 27,000.00 square meters, 15 national patents and ISO9001 Certificate of Quality Management System Certification, CE certificate, ASME certificate, UL certificate, GHOST certificate, CANGAS has been an integration of R&D, design, manufacture, sales, service. Over the past 20 years, CANGAS has successfully provided over 3000 sets of air separation systems for many industries in over 70 countries and regions.


    CANGAS Systems Company Limited have a range of  PSA oxygen generator, PSA nitrogen generator, PSA Oxygen purifier, PSA nitrogen purifier, hydrogen generator, VPSA oxygen generator, VSA oxygen generator, Membrane oxygen generator, Membrane nitrogen generator, Liquid (cryogenic) oxygen, nitrogen and argon generator, etc, and are widely used in industries of petroleum, oil & gas, chemicals, electronics, metallurgy, coals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, autos, glass, plastics, food, medical treatment, grain, mining, cutting, welding, new material, etc. With years research in air separation technology and rich solution experiences in various industries, CANGAS sticks to providing our clients with more reliable, more economical, more convenient professional gas solutions.


    By now we have supplied CANGAS® systems for clients including GE USA, WILMAR International Singapore, DEGUSSA Group Germany, SAMSUNG Korea, ORION Korea, China Petrol, Sinopec, etc. CANGAS have built up a global distributor system covering Russia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, USA, Philippines, Australia, Pakistan etc. During the 2008 Olympics, CANGAS was selected by Beijing Food Safety Test Center as the supplier for nitrogen generator to test the Olympic food.


    We have an experienced professional team always ready to be at your service. The sales engineers carefully analyze your specified requirements and offer suitable solutions for you. The after-sale service system guarantees swift response to your problems within 24 hours and their resolutions in the shortest time. CANGAS is responsible for after-sales services to all CANGAS products and other related equipments provided by us. Besides, CANGAS global distributor system can provide prompt professional localized service.


    CANGAS is dedicated to supplying our customers with more reliable, more economical and more convenient air separation solutions and professional service.

Product Description
    The principles of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen generator are adsorption and desorption.


    Each gas has a characteristic adsorption rate that when adsorbed by Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) which is used as adsorbent in PSA nitrogen generators made by CANGAS SYSTEMS COMPANY LIMITED. CMS has large surface area containing a mass volume of micro pores and passageways. Oxygen has a higher adsorption rate than nitrogen by CMS at certain pressure. When compressed air enters CMS bed, nitrogen molecules are able to pass through this large surface/passageways . And oxygen molecules are adsorbed to the surface area. This is how CANGAS PSA nitrogen generation generators/plants work and this is the very principle of PSA nitrogen generators.


    As the CMS is saturated with oxygen, it should be depressurized to regenerate for next cycle. CANGAS PSA nitrogen generator adopts two towers filled with CMS to produce a continuous stream of nitrogen.

    In the working process of CANGAS PSA nitrogen generators, during depressurization, the nitrogen of lower purity than required is transferred to another tower, which is called pressure equalization. Pressure equalization donates to higher efficiency and less energy consumption.


    Know-how in the definite time and ways to equalize the pressures in both adsorption towers is the key to the best results. For CANGAS PSA nitrogen generators, this had been made to the best supported by lots of test and years of experience.

PSA N2 .jpg

    Put another way, PSA Nitrogen Generator is a nitrogen generation equipment adopting carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent - pressurized adsorption and desorption of oxygen from the air, resulting in the separation of nitrogen.


    Carbon molecular sieve's O2 and N2 adsorption properties with the increasing of adsorption pressure makes O2, N2 adsorption capacity increased, and the adsorption rate of O2 is higher. CANGAS PSA nitrogen generators exactly utilize these features of nitrogen, oxygen and CMS. But this is not enough, many factors shall be considered and manipulated to the best - this is also why CANGAS PSA nitrogen generators are welcome and so popular in the world because CANGAS do everything the best. PSA cycle is short - O2, N2 adsorption start from equilibrium/pressure equalization, but the O2, N2 diffusion/desorption rate are so different that O2 adsorption capacity in a short time is much higher than the adsorption capacity of N2. PSA Nitrogen generation technology is using carbon molecular sieve's adsorption characteristics, and the principle of pressurized adsorption, desorption decompression cycle - the compressed air alternately goes into two adsorption towers to achieve air separation, thereby producing a continuous flow of product nitrogen. However knowing these is not enough - CANGAS had developed all these to the best in all CANGAS PSA nitrogen generators.

Packaging & Shipping


Standard wooden case with standard treatments for export for all CANGAS air separation products: PSA oxygen generator; PSA nitrogen generator; PSA Oxygen purifier; PSA nitrogen purifier; hydrogen generator; VPSA oxygen generator; VSA oxygen generator; Membrane oxygen generator; Membrane nitrogen generator; Liquid (cryogenic) oxygen, nitrogen and argon generator.

Standard export wooden case


The named/appointed shipping port by CANGAS is Xigang, Tianjin, China. However the shipping port is negotiable. The shipping terms shall be confirmed before purchasing to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Our Services

    CANGAS has the obligation for the service after product selling. The scope of service after product selling are as below

    To establish user’s files.

    To investigate user or telephone calls at a fix date.

    To be responsible for the maintenance at equipment.

    To provide technological consultant service.


    For every sold PSA oxygen generator, PSA nitrogen generator, PSA Oxygen purifier, PSA nitrogen purifier, hydrogen generator, VPSA oxygen generator, VSA oxygen generator, Membrane oxygen generator, Membrane nitrogen generator, Liquid (cryogenic) oxygen, nitrogen and argon generator, CANGAS establishes user’s files in computer. We collect the content of contract, technical parameters after commissioning, equipment working state, equipment operating state, user’s opinion or suggestion and so on, then we record them in computer so that we can look up easily to serve the user better and improve our service work. Therefore help from users would be greatly appreciated. It is better that the customers send us the record list about equipment operating state and maintenance record by email, fax or post periodically.


    We will send technician to investigate or telephone call at least one time in a year to know the operating state of user’s gas generation equipments, user’s opinion and suggestion, hence we hope user to persist the work in the record list of equipment operating state and maintenance record. Meanwhile we truly hope and appreciate user’s valuable opinion and suggestion about our equipment and our work.


    If the equipment or instrument break down within guarantee period and the damage is within the scope of free maintenance guarantee, CANGAS will unconditional maintain or provide corresponding new parts at once. If the maintenance is not within the scope of free maintenance, CANGAS only charge for the maintenance fee and expenses generated during the maintenance process, and will not take any technological cost.


    For users, CANGAS provide technological consult at any time replying any question happened on the user’s working process. We do the best to resolve the related problem which is encountered by user.


    CANGAS' commitment: User’s difficulty is our difficulty! User’s profit is our profit!


Q: Purity, flow and pressure scope?

Answer:  For CANGAS air separation products, the answer to the question is as below.

1. PSA O2 generators:  Purity 93±3%; flow 1~10000m³/hour; pressure, normally 4 bar, could be  10~500bar with O2 compressor.

2. PSA O2 generators with purifier:  Purity 96~99%; flow 1~10000m³/hour; pressure, customizable, normally 0.2 bar, could be 4~500bar with O2 compressor.

3. VPSA O2 generators:  Purity 90%; flow 1~10000m³/hour; pressure, customizable, normally 0.5 bar, could be 4~500bar with O2 compressor.

4. VSA O2 generators:  Purity 90%; flow 1~10000m³/hour; pressure, customizable, normally 0.5 bar, could be 4~500bar with O2 compressor.

5. Membrane O2 generators:  Purity 40~99.9%; flow 1~10000m³/hour; pressure, customizable, normally 0.2 bar, could be 4~500bar with O2 compressor.

6. PSA N2 generators:  Purity 95~99.999%; flow 1~10000m³/hour; pressure, customizable, normally 6 bar, could be 10~500bar with N2 compressor.

7. PSA N2 generators with purifier:  Purity 99.9995~99.99999% (0.5~5ppm); flow 1~10000m³/hour; pressure, customizable, normally 5 bar, could be 10~500bar with N2 compressor.

8. Membrane N2 generators:  Purity 90~99.9%; flow 1~10000m³/hour; pressure, customizable, normally 6 bar, could be 10~500bar with N2 compressor.

9. H2 generators by liquid ammonia decomposition:  Purity, H2 99.9%, N2 99.99%~99.999%; flow, H2

    1~1000m³/h, N2 1~500m³/h; pressure, customizable, normally 0.2 bar, could be 5~500 bar with H2/N2


10. Liquid (cryogenic) N2, O2 and Ar generators:  Purity, N2 ≤ 5ppm, O2 ≥ 99.6%, Ar ≥ 99.999%; flow, gaseous N2 100~100000m³/h, gaseous O2 100~20000m³/h, liquid Ar 40~1000m³/h; pressure, customizable, normally 0.5 bar, could be 5~500 bar with N2/O2/Ar compressors.

    Actually, for air separation plants by cryogenic technology, the kinds of product gas could be customizable - gaseous O2 and N2 with liquid Ar, or gaseous N2 with liquid N2, or liquid N2 with liquid O2, or only gaseous O2, only gaseous N2, or only liquid O2, or only liquid N2. For more details, please call or email me.

11. CANGAS filters:  Flow 0.1~120m³/min; pressure 0~16 bar.

12. CANGAS Heatless regenerative adsorption dryer:  Flow 0.1~120m³/min; pressure 0~16 bar.

13. CANGAS Carbon Filters:  Flow 0.1~120m³/min; pressure 0~16 bar.


    With 20 years of field experience, CANGAS is proud to have engineering and product developing teams who are skillful, experienced, meticulous. We also cooperate with related national and international scientific research institutions to work on the developing and improving of the air separation technology.


Buyer Feedback

    Put aside the good reputation and praise from the customers in the world, batch purchasing, additional purchasing, second purchasing, third purchasing, fourth... happen a lot in CANGAS.


Related Products

    Except the commonly used PSA nitrogen and oxygen generators, CANGAS is able to manufacture some other air separation equipments which are listed below.


    Oxygen purifier; nitrogen purifier; hydrogen generator; VPSA oxygen generator; VSA oxygen generator; membrane oxygen generator; membrane nitrogen generator; liquid (cryogenic) oxygen, nitrogen and argon generator.


    All CANGAS products are customizable, such as portable, movable, truck-mounted, trailer-mounted, box type, containerized, skid-mounted, ....