Hot Spa Foot Bath Plus Heat Acupressure Massage Center Heated Vibrating

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Function: Regulation of Blood System
Type: spa
Place of Origin: China

Professional Features: • Patented Motorised Massaging System • Roller Massage • Jet Whirl and Massage • Jet Whirl Massage and Warm Keeping • Non- Slip Rubber Feet • Soft Feel Massage Nodules for Extra Pressure • Accessories: • Pumice Stone • Bristie Brush Professional Features: • Waterproof Toe Touch Control: location helps prevent spill and makes setting changes easy with the touch of a toe • Toe Touch Control Functions: Vibration delivers invigorating massage; Keep Warm Heat for soothing relief; Bubbles invigorate feet • Foot massage center with three interchangeable attachments: Accunode attachment stimulates feet; Acupressure Roller for soothing massage; Pumice Stone exfoliates feet • Textured Basin helps relieve tired feet • Water empties easily through front opening • Heel Rest with water drainage holes • Built in hood for maximum heat retention and splash protection • Caddy hold attachments in one convenient location • Basin holds 2.6 quarts of water (a little over half a gallon) • Large rubberized tub feet for non slip support • Fits up to a men's size 11 foot or women's size 13 foot Use Footbath • Place the appliance on the floor so that you can sit comfortably in front of it. • Fill the appliance with warm or cold water up to a maximum of two filling marks located on the appliance sinner wall. • Only connect the machine to a properly installed safety socket, 220V/50Hz. • Sit down and put your feet in the appliance.