Intel Xeon Processor E5-2690 Processor CPU

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Port: SZ/HK
Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability: 315 Piece/Pieces per Week
Products Status: Stock
Application: Laptop
Processor Brand: Intel
Brand Name: Intel
Model Number: E5-2690
Place of Origin: Malaysia
Instruction Set: 64-bit
Max Turbo Frequency: 2.90 GHz
Socket: FC-LGA10
# of Cores: 8
# of Threads: 16
Code Name: Xeon
Cache: 20 MB
Lithography: 32 nm
TDP: 135 W
Product Code: CM8062101122501
Delivery Detail: In Stock : delivery within 2-8 working days. Pre-order : 2 weeks
Packaging Detail: above 300 pieces : intel original packages. less than 100 pieces : small package sized with 13.5cm*10.0cm*7.5cm or 21.5cm*15cm*12.5cm, well packed.
Intel Xeon Processor E5-2690 Processor CPU
Instruction Set 64-bit
Max Turbo Frequency 2.90 GHz
Socket FC-LGA10
of Cores 8
of Threads 16
Code Name Xeon
Cache 20 MB
Lithography 32 nm
TDP 135 W
Product Code CM8062101122501
PCWIT TECHNOLOG(HK) LIMITED is a CPU processors supplier, we focus on laptop/desktop/server processors/CPUs.
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i3-2350M i3-350M i5-2450M i5-3360M i5-4330M i7-2617M i7-2860QM i7-3687U i7-4702MQ i7-820QM
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i3-2357M i3-370M i5-2467M i5-3365M i5-450M i7-2620M i7-2920XM i7-3720QM i7-4800MQ i7-920XM
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i3-2367M i3-380M i5-2520M i5-3380M i5-460M i7-2630QM i7-3517U i7-3740QM i7-4900MQ  
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i3-2375M i3-390M i5-2540M i5-3439Y i5-480M i7-2640M i7-3525M i7-3820QM i7-620LM  
i3-2377M i3-390M i5-2557M i5-410M i5-480M i7-2640M i7-3537U i7-3840QM i7-620M  
i3-3110M i3-4000M i5-3210M i5-4200M i5-520M i7-2649M i7-3540M i7-3840QM i7-620M  
i3-3110M i3-4010U i5-3210M i5-4200U i5-520M i7-2657M i7-3540M i7-3920XM i7-620UM  
For Desktop Processor/CPU
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i3-2100T i3-4340 i5-3330 i5-4570 i7-2600K i7-4820K i7-990X
i3-2102 i3-520 i5-3330S i5-4570R i7-2600S i7-4930K  
i3-2105 i3-530 i5-3335S i5-4570S i7-2700K i7-4960X  
i3-2120 i3-540 i5-3350P i5-4570T i7-3770 i7-4960X  
i3-2120T i3-550 i5-3450 i5-4570TE i7-3770K i7-860  
i3-2125 i3-560 i5-3450S i5-4670 i7-3770S i7-860S  
i3-2130 i5-2300 i5-3470 i5-4670K i7-3770T i7-870  
i3-3210 i5-2310 i5-3470S i5-4670R i7-3820 i7-870S  
i3-3220 i5-2320 i5-3470T i5-4670S i7-3930K i7-875K  
i3-3220T i5-2380P i5-3475S i5-4670T i7-3960X i7-880  
i3-3225 i5-2390T i5-3550 i5-650 i7-3960X i7-920  
i3-3240 i5-2400 i5-3550S i5-655K i7-3970X i7-930  
i3-3240T i5-2400S i5-3570 i5-660 i7-4765T i7-940  
i3-3245 i5-2405S i5-3570K i5-661 i7-4770 i7-950  
i3-3250 i5-2450P i5-3570S i5-670 i7-4770K i7-960  
i3-3250T i5-2500 i5-3570T i5-680 i7-4770R i7-965  
i3-4130 i5-2500K i5-4430 i5-750 i7-4770S i7-970  
i3-4130T i5-2500S i5-4430S i5-750S i7-4770T i7-975  
i3-4330 i5-2500T i5-4440 i5-760 i7-4770TE i7-980  
For Server Processor/CPU
E3113 E3-1245 v3 E5-1650 E5-2660 v2 E5345 E5506 E7-2850 E7540
E3-1220 E3-1260L E5-1660 E5-2665 E5405 E5507 E7-2860 E7-8830
E3-1220 v2 E3-1265L v2 E5205 E5-2667 E5410 E5520 E7-2870 E7-8837
E3-1220 v3 E3-1265L v3 E5220 E5-2667 v2 E5420 E5530 E7310 E7-8850
E3-1220L E3-1270 E5240 E5-2670 E5430 E5540 E7320 E7-8860
E3-1220L v2 E3-1270 v2 E5-2603 E5-2670 v2 E5440 E5603 E7330 E7-8867L
E3-1220L v3 E3-1270 v3 E5-2609 E5-2680 E5450 E5606 E7340 E7-8870
E3-1225 E3-1275 E5-2620 E5-2680 v2 E5-4603 E5607 E7420  
E3-1225 v2 E3-1275 v2 E5-2630 E5-2687W E5-4607 E5620 E7430  
E3-1225 v3 E3-1275 v3 E5-2630L E5-2687W v2 E5-4610 E5630 E7440  
E3-1230 E3-1280 E5-2637 E5-2689 E5-4617 E5640 E7450  
E3-1230 v2 E3-1280 v2 E5-2640 E5-2690 E5462 E5645 E7458  
E3-1230 v3 E3-1280 v3 E5-2640 v2 E5-2690 v2 E5-4620 E5649 E7-4807  
E3-1230L v3 E3-1285 v3 E5-2643 E5-2695 v2 E5-4640 E6510 E7-4820  
E3-1235 E3-1285L v3 E5-2643 v2 E5-2697 v2 E5-4650 E6540 E7-4830  
E3-1240 E3-1290 E5-2650 E5310 E5-4650L E7210 E7-4850  
E3-1240 v2 E3-1290 v2 E5-2650 v2 E5320 E5472 E7220 E7-4860  
E3-1240 v3 E5-1603 E5-2650L E5330 E5502 E7-2803 E7-4870  
E3-1245 E5-1607 E5-2650L v2 E5335 E5503 E7-2820 E7520  
E3-1245 v2 E5-1620 E5-2660 E5340 E5504 E7-2830 E7530
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