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My Duc Mulberry Silk Company

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Payment Terms: L/C,Western Union
Material: 100% Silk
Supply Type: Make-to-Order
Type: Brocade Fabric
Pattern: Bleached
Style: Plain
Width: 80cm x 120cm; 200cm x 220cm
Technics: Knitted
Use: Bedding,Wedding,Bag,Costume,Dress,Home Textile,Garment,Gloves,Sofa,Sleepwear
Yarn Count: yarn of silk
Place of Origin: Hanoi Vietnam
Brand Name: Silk4World
Model Number: MenBong
Color: White

Silkworm-made filling for pillows, duvets and other similar items is one of the unique products of 100% mulberry silk of My Duc Mulberry Silk Company founded by Mrs Phan Thi Thuan. This production process and this product has been filed a patent application in the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

As an experienced entrepreneur in the mulberry silk industry in Vietnam, Mrs Phan Thi Thuan has improved many technical processes. Many years ago, she was known for her scarves made from silk waste with her inventive twisting technique. This technique has saved a lot of material for the mulberry silk industry. Her current silkworm-made filling is the product of her extensive research. Compared with traditional or imported products of the same kind, her silk filling has superior characteristics.

Originating from the idea of how to make silk filling from a single silk mass, Mrs. Phan Thi Thuan has tried many ways. Following the traditional processes and methods, the filling is quite soft but the weak point of this current popular filling in the Vietnamese market is that after a while silk will become lumpy. Her friends told her to try the Chinese way - using double cocoons to make different thick layers. After some experiments, she saw that the layers were not strongly interwoven, and that greatly

affected the quality of the end-products. This method is not cost effective in comparison to the traditional way, and it is even more labor intensive. She is obsessed with the desire to find a more simple and efficient way.

She observed how silkworms secrete silk filaments to weave their cocoons. The silkworms themselves make a strong cocoon superior to any handmade embroidery technique. One idea flashed through her mind: Why don't we use silkworms to produce our tailored fillings? How can I make silkworms weave a flat mass instead of secreting in their cocoons? Then came her endless experiments. If silkworms had no chance to secrete their silk filament and spin them into their cocoons, they have to let their silk filaments fall down periodically and naturally. Thus the filaments are interwoven, creating a thick mass like a flattened cocoon. She would get a soft, breathable silk layer after cleaning the mass in the traditional way. This new technique proves much better than the two above-mentioned methods as it makes high quality products which are easier to dye and wash. The silkworm-made filling is not balled up. It is even softer and more breathable. They also prove cost effective because a lot of traditionally difficult stages can be avoided. This technique has led Mrs. Thuan to make a wide range of products in various sizes and shapes with different designs. To master this technique, Mrs. Thuan has undertaken many trials and experiments.

This technical invention can prove effective in the development of traditional weaving and create a competitive edge for the Vietnamese mulberry silk industry in the international market. It can also bring about great benefits for the silk fashion industry in Vietnam. Her silkworm-made filling can be directly cut into smaller pieces to make filling for clothing.

This technique has cut down labor for Mrs. Thuan's My Duc Mulberry Silk Company. It is also notable that after the silkworm’s secreting period, it is no longer necessary to break open the cocoons to get the pupae. Fresh pupae contribute to the company's revenue. As such, this kind of silk fillings is more cost effective compared to Chinese imported products. This has a significant meaning in creating a competitive edge for Vietnamese silk products in the international market.


Products made with silkworm-made filling:

  • Round pillows: 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm
  • Square/rectangular pillows: 35cm x 35cm, 35cm x 45cm, 40cm x 60m
  • Winter duvets: 2m x 2.2m (lkg, l,5kg) 2.2m x 2.6m (l.5kg)
  • Summer duvets: 2m x 2.2m (400g, 650g)
  • Blankets for babies: 70cm x l00cm, 80cm x 120cm
  • Other products: wallet, bags, outfits for children, scarves
  • Products tailored made in accordance with customers' orders.

Product quality:

Made from a single silk mass, naturally interwoven, soft, light, breathable, warm in winter months, cool in summer months, especially good for health.