Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock

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Brand Name: Alcovisor
Place of Origin: Hong Kong
Model Number: Interlock X2
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Many road accidences are caused by drink and drive, by installing the Alcovisor® Interlock can eliminate this problem.  Interlock can prevent starting of the engine if the drivers alcohol level exceeds a preset safety limit.  This technology has been in use for 20 years in some countries.  There are two major markets, one is the offender market and another is the commercial market.  In some countries such as the USA and Australia, offenders of drink and drive are sentenced to an interlock problem for several years.  Many countries started to install interlocks in commercial vehicles, especially school buses, trucks and government vehicles.

The major challenge of the interlock technology is why to prevent cheating.  Alcovisor® Interlock can be integrated with the facial biometric system, which can make sure only the eligible driver can take the alcohol test and start the vehicle.