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Dodd Investment Group LLC

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Payment Terms: Paypal
Place of Origin: District of Columbia United States
Brand Name: Thesis
Search Engine Optimized: Websites
Unique Brand Design: Logos, Color Scheme, Fluid on all products
Custom Opt-In Forums: For Email List-Building
Sponsored Links: For Your Affilate Sales
Video: On Site, Marketing, or Both
Slideshows: On Site, Marketing, or Both
Forums: On Site, To Create Community
Social Media Profiles: For Added Marketing/Branding
Thumbnail Galleries: Also Can Be Search Engine Optimized
Contact Forums: Custom Tailored
For a brief example of what our company can provide please try the following:

1) Go To
2) type in "Seinfeld Box Set"
3) Find the very first site that comes up (Matches Product Photo)
4) Imagine if your business, product or service was #1 also.

All this is accomplished by customizing a unique wordpress framework called Thesis.

As a company we stand by our work and can provide a numerous array of Thesis sites by which we have built and optimized for premium search engine results in Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

Not to mention that our company will take any video or slideshow and submit it to 237 social media and video sites of your choosing.

We are your custom-tailored answer to online marketing.

Any and all work is $85 per hour and we have unbeatable turn around times.

Putting your business, product or service online is only HALF the battle. Maintenance and optimization is why our service outranks all others.

Imagine your business the way you want it. Are you working in your business or ON your business?

Inquire today..