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1.5v aa battery charger

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Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Supply Ability: 700000000 Piece/Pieces per Month 1.5v aa battery charger
Brand Name: Golden Queen
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China
Product name: 1.5v aa battery charger
Size: AAA
Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
Nominal Capacity: 1300mAh
Model Number: LR03 AA AM4
Battery Type: Zn/MnO2
Delivery Detail: 35 days after confirming the samples
Packaging Detail: Shrink Pack or Blister Card
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1. Applicability

This specification is applicable to Golden Queen battery produced with LR03 zinc-manganese super alkaline battery.

2. General

2.1 Type designation




2.2 Reference Document

IEC 60086-1:2007---Primary Batteries- Part 1: General

IEC 60086-2:2007---Primary Batteries- Part 2: Physical and electrical specifications

IEC 60086-5:2005---Primary Batteries- Part 5: Safety of Batteries with aqueous electrolyte

2.3 Chemical system

Zn/KOH/MnO2 (Mercury & Cadmium Free)

2.4Nominal voltage: 1.5 V

2.5 Weight: approximate 11.2g

2.6 Dimension (mm) Min Max

Φ:…………10.10 10.40

A:………… 43.90 44.30

B:………… 43.0 44.0

C:………… 6.0 6.5

E:………… 0.1 0.5

F:………… 3.2 3.6

G:………… 0.9 1.3

2.7 Heavy metal contents

Mercury max 1ppm / battery

Cadmium max 10 ppm / battery

Lead max 20 ppm / battery

2.8 Capacity

approximate 1300mAh (10mA 24h/d, 20°C,0.8V cut off )

3. Appearance

The products shall be free from dents, scratches, corrosion, contamination, or disfigurations, which affect service and sale ability.

4. Electrical Characteristics (3.9Ω, 0.3S, 20+2°C)

/ OCV(V) CCV(V) short-circuit current(A)

Initial 1.60 1.50 11

Storage 1year 1.57 1.45 9

5.Discharge Capacity (20±2°C, RH: 45%-75%)

load 24Ω 5.1Ω 600mA 10Ω 75Ω

discharge mode 15s/min,

8h/d 4min/h,

8h/d Pulse 1h/d 4h/d

end voltage 1.0V 0.9V 0.9V 0.9V 0.9V

Initial 21h 250min 400 times 510 min 74h

storage 1 year 20h 230min 360 times 470 min 72h

Pulse*: discharge 10s, stop for 50s, 1h/d

*Discharge curve see appendix 1

6. Leakage Resistance

6.1 Over discharge leakage test

Test conditions: 20±2°C & RH 60±15%, 20Ω continuous discharge 48h.

Number of test samples: 9 batteries

Requirement: No visible leakage; No explosion.

6.2 High temperature leakage test

Test conditions: store 20 days under 60±2°C, then store 4~24h under standard environment.

Number of test samples: 24 batteries

Requirement: No visible leakage; No explosion.

7. Security Characteristics

7.1 The delivered batteries stored under normal non-air conditioned environments shall not have electrolyte leakage during the guarantee period.

7.2 Over discharge:

When the batteries are discharged under the conditions of specified load, until the on-load voltage falls to 0.6 V, no leakage or explode shall occur, in accordance with IEC Publication 86-1 requirement.

7.3 External short circuit:

The terminal of an un-discharged battery is connected by wire. The circuit is completely for 24hours or until the case temperature has return to environment. with the course, the battery will not leakage or explode.

7.4 Incorrect installation:

4 pieces of battery are in series connected and one of them is under incorrect polarity for 24 hours or until the case temperature has return to environment. with the course, the battery will not leakage or explode.

7.5 For further Security acceptance tests are to be agreed between BODAWUTONG and purchaser.

8. Expiry Period

5 Years

9. Expiry Date Marking

9.1 Production date marked on the bottom plate of finished cells. for example: 2012-02 means produced on Feb. 2012

Shelf life 5 years marked on bottom of sticker label.

9.2 For private label, can mark according to customer's requirements.

10. Package

The package can be packed according to customer order’s detail requirement.

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