Designed by Judi Boisson. "A" You're Adorable" "B" You're so Beautiful ! Colorful Letters on a White Background. Reversible. Cotton.

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Designed by Judi Boisson. "A" You're Adorable " "B" "You're so Beautiful ! Baby Bumper with Colorful Lettering on a White Background. When Baby's Mom goes to say Good Morning to her Baby, it is likely that she sees the bumper with the words "A" "You're Adorable..." and begins to sing the Song "A" You're Adorable" "B" "You're so beautiful..." "C" You're a Cutie Full of Charm..." Sawtooth Edge on Top and Bottom of Bumper. Colorful Appliqued Lettering. Reversible. Also Available with a Butter Background. 100% Cotton. Loved by All.